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Wolves Love

April 11, 2014
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Wolves Love

Werewolves and lycans aren’t known for getting along.

You could argue that hostility and hatred of the lycans can’t be faulted. Given, to be a lycan, means as a human you were attacked by a werewolf and survived, only to turn into one of them.

Tatum Lee only knows this existence all too well as a new lycan. It’s only been a few months since she turned and has found herself in a relationship, with of all creatures, a werewolf, Wiatt D’arenberg. But loving Wiatt means, Tatum has to live by the rules of Wiatt’s pack , and it means there’s not much living in it when the Bronx lycan community find out exactly who Tatum is.

She’s either one of them, or she’s not welcome, just like werewolves in the Bronx aren’t welcome. Tatum’s relationship with Wiatt becomes strained as she battles to find her place in her new wolf life, with Wiatt and amongst all the wolves of New York City.

Wiatt finds his thinking pushed as he must confront the reality of the werewolf culture and his own personal happiness with a lycan for his lover. Can Wiatt and Tatum find a way to make a relationship between two very different types of wolves work? Or will they simply be torn apart, by each other and every other wolf that wants to hurt them?

Available at www.smashwords.com in July

I Love Werewolves Xo

February 15, 2014
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valentines message 3

Shadow Games

February 15, 2014
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Being a truth-sayer has its moments. For Katelyn Phoenix it would most notably have to be when the man she found herself falling in love with Shadow Demon, Tarin Armadel tried to kill her.

Katelyn doesn’t want to see Tarin’s face again as she reverts to truth sayer form, as a demi-god named Asha to protect her heart from Tarin’s emotional betrayal. Being a truth-sayer has its moments. For Katelyn Phoenix it would most notably have to be when the man she found herself falling in love with Shadow Demon, Tarin Armadel tried to kill her. Katelyn doesn’t want to see Tarin’s face again as she reverts to truth sayer form, as a demi-god named Asha to protect her heart from Tarin’s emotional betrayal.

But Katelyn finds out that the broken hearted don’t get to time out to hide out from life, when paranormal beings think you’re a threat of to them and want you dead. Time won’t stand still for her to figure out if Tarin’s even telling her the truth about how he feels about her.

Forced to team up with Tarin in order to get to the bottom of who wants her dead and why, Katelyn finds out that the paranormal world is far more sinister than it seems and that the shadow demon might be the least of her problems.

10 Reasons To Go Werewolf

February 14, 2014
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Dating can be tough, so for those who like their romance of the paranormal kind I thought I’d give readers a guide as to how to pick the perfect werewolf pack mate.

1. Clayton Deanvers – Bitten

If you like a tough guy who broods but softens up like butter
when you’re with him. Then Clay, is your werewolf.
Often naked, often angry and at almost all times highly restrained, he will not go against
the orders of his pack leader or lover.


Likes: Brooding in the nude
Dislikes: Any male in love with Elena

2. Peter Rumancek – Hemlock Grove

How can you not love a werewolf who’s very surname is pronounced something close to “Romantic” – (am I the only who picked up on that?) Maybe that’s why we can see Peter isn’t afraid of his emoitions. Peter knows how to handle the scrutinty of intrustive and mistrusting humans in a small town and still be in grossly in touch with his werewolf self.


Likes: being a free gypsy spirit
Dislkes: Being run out of town and his human lover dying

3. Hayley Marshall – The Originals

The first female werewolf to make my list – rare because female wolves on TV seem to be rare. The TV world seems to think werewovles are a mainly male genre. Hayley should give them and you something to think about. She’s gorgeous, a trendy dresser and a serious kick ass fighter when it comes to protecting herself and her cub. If a knocked up werewolf female is your kink, then head on down to New Orleans to hit on Hayley if you dare.


Likes: Unabtainable, moody vampire males named Elijah.
Dislikes: Witches, Klaus Miakelsen, anyone trying to kill her

4. Logan Jonson – Bitten

If you’re after a classy werewolf, then look no further, Logan puts the class into classy. He’s hot in a very cool, calm and elegantly classy, understated way.

Likes: Helping others
Dislikes: Failing to help others

5. Ruby – Once Upon a Time

The epitome of the sexy version of Red Riding Hood with a twist.
Need I say more? The hood just adds to the sex appeal of this cursed werewolf.

ABC's "Once Upon a Time" - Season One

Likes: Her new life
Dislikes: Granny bossing her around, being cursed and out of control

6.Dyson – Lost Girl
Although considered a “wolf shifter”, If you like your werewolves lean, blonde, slightly celtic and 1500 years old
give or take a century, than Dyson may be the werewolf for you. He works as a homocide detective and he’s highly entrenched in a very mythical culture.


Likes: Succubus
Dislikes: Lauren

7. Elena Michaels – Bitten

If you ever liked Buffy The Vampire Slayer but wanted Buffy to turn werewolf then you need look no further than Elena. Skinny, blonde and beautiful, she has a voice that is almost hauntingly an exact mimic of Buffy. She dresses sharpley, takes no shit and kicks butt.


Likes: Sex, a lot of it
Dislikes: Shape shifting, being torn between two worlds – Toronto and New York

8.Alcide Herveaux – True Blood
If you like your wereolves red hot then Alcide is as hot as werewovles come.


Likes: Being ripped
Dislikes: Not getting the girl

9. Peter Hale – Teen Wolf

If you like your wereloves with a touch of psychotic about them
then Peter is the werewolf for you. He can do creepy psycho with ease. Might have something to do with having been burned alived and locked in a “longterm facility” Who can say?


Likes: Upsetting the status quo, being the alpha
Dislikes: Loosing digits

10. Jeremy Danvers – Bitten

Jeremy is the kind of werewolf you could take home to your family to meet. That was if he thought humans and werewolf relationships could work. At first look, Jeremy appears an unlikely alpha leader. But once you get past the stereotype of alpha werewolves being all muscle on muscle, naked, angry and agressive males, you can see why Jeremy is the alpha. He’s smart and highly protective of his own.


Likes: Art, his pack and way of life
Dislikes: Mutts challenging his authority

The Lone Ranger; Werewolf hunter.

January 24, 2014
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I read an article the other day that had the thought that Silver was an agent for truth and justice.

It was basically an article in the pro stance of the idea, of silver bullets. The article harped on about how silver bullets, were about purification, and honesty and about triumphing good over evil.

This was the basis of the article on why silver bullets should
be used and used more constantly. By law enforcement, by hunters, by anyone who shot a gun. Silver bullets it premised, showed the user, the true reality of what they were dealing with, that no other spin doctoring could cover up.

It made it sound like the writer of the article, had somehow had a run in of the unexplainable kind with my kind. A werewolf. And obviously, not taken to well to the whole experience. Which is generally why the talk of silver bullets starts coming into play.

The writer cited a good old american folklore hero, The Lone Ranger as using silver bullets and clearly that was meant to instill the sense of patriotism and righteousness that this person felt was needed in order to get the public cheering for silver bullets to be used.

He even used the line that “All things change but truth alone lives forever.” Which made me wonder if the writer was being cryptic in saying something else. Werewolves might be supernatural beings in a very human dominated world, but I’ve yet to meet an immortal one or hear of one who is utterly invinciable.

Now if you go down the path of the vampire, well then, that is a different story right?
I don’t think vampires are real but hollywood persists and pumping them out on us and
the public lap it up because for some reason, they want to. But isn’t silver a Vampire thing too?

The writer stated that there was some truth in the mythos associated with the mystical silver bullet perpetrated throughout man, a folk and fairy tale of the gothic monster kind. But using the Lone Ranger as a symbol for werewolf killing, got a little lost on me.

After all, like all good guys and heros, the ranger subscribes to a moral and ethical code. Apparently one part of that code is that at some point in our lives, we must make peace and accept what we have taken from this world. In other words, get your punishment for being a self centred bastard who’s used this earth as their playground. Yeah, death is death no matter how you put it. And if you think going around using guns and killing things is the done thing, then I’d say you’re death is going to be a brutally painful one. You shouldn’t expect anything less.

Karma right? What goes around comes around.

Threatening to cull werewolves through an online article, paper thin disguised as a journalistic article on silver bullets, just puts you a top of the pile of come-uppence. Most people would take the approach of “if it aint broke, then don’t fix it.” and the world is big enough for all of us to live in it comfortably. The Ranger himself subscribes to the belief that everyone has the power to make said world a better place.

Going off that, then surely this includes all other things in this world too, like animals, critters, creatures, and even werwolves

And by the way, werewolves, like me, we’re not always in our wolf form, so you know, watch you back. You won’t know what you’re looking for or how to look for us. We’re not like Vampires who don’t show in mirrors.

We could be your neighbour, your work colleague, your news reader, your editor. The guy down the street who sells the newspapers. We are those noises that you can’t explain in the dark of night, we are what you think nightmares are made of, we are legion and we read newspapers, we exist amongst you and your kind and we hide in plain sight because it is so easy to do and it amuses us so.

It’s our world too. So watch your back.

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Getting Bitten

January 15, 2014
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Who’s watched the first Episode of new Werewolf TV show Bitten?

Me that’s who! What’s my opinion of it?

You’ll have to tune into me on Howls OutCasts podcast next Tuesday to find out.
Listen in to the mayhem and giggles.


Howls OutCasts can be heard here


January 10, 2014
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Wolves Cover1_edit

Tatum Lee is a lycan. She knows it. She can’t help but not know it, because it seems everyone is always reminding her of it.
Being a lycan isn’t exactly a title she wears with pride. Far from it and in New York City, home to the Manhattan Maen werewolf pack, it’s the last thing she wants to announce upon her arrival there. Tatum just wants to be left alone.

Only that’s not going to happen, if Wiatt D’arenberg, enforcer for the Manhattan Maen pack, gets his way. It’s Wiatt’s job to ensure there are no lycan in the Manhattan Maen’s territory, including Tatum.

Having an untrained, lycan in his territory, on a lunar week means it’s up to Wiatt to ensure she’s not a danger to his pack or the public, and that means taming her. If he can tame his feelings towards the wolf he’s not supposed to want, first.

Wolves will be available from Smashwords.com in March!

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Nature of the beast

November 29, 2013
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The Werewolf heart is a beast, there are more than one heart and love to deal with in Breukelen Girl’s life. In Brooklyn and Manhattan New York, the werewolves are restless. Hearts are being tested. Conall Wakely is missing his ex pack mate Bg. Bg must figure out what her heart wants during lunar week, with two males – one good, one bad, all werewolf.

Nature of the Beast publishes on November 30 at Smashwords

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The Classic Werewolf Cliche

September 8, 2013
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Clichés are classic there is no doubt about that. Every time you hear one it’s a bit like de-ja-vu, you know you’ve heard or seen it played out before and you know what to expect and yet, you still wait it out.

This is the theme of episode 3 in Teen Wolf. It starts with a lovely opening night scene of two little kids in a wood trying to capture fire flys. The music is uplifting and cheery, and the boy child is called of all things – Billy. This seems to me like classic story telling. Right up until the big bad (were)wolf starts chasing the kids through the woods.

I think to myself, has Teen Wolf finally redeemed itself? Could I actually be enjoying this episode?

The answer may shock you that it is yes on both accounts. Especially when the fireflys swarm the werewolf and the kids manage to escape.

Of course there are parts of Teen wolf that still bug me. Scott still comes across as a bimbo. Lydia appears to constantly be emotionally tortured – finding a dead body, forming a prescription drug addiction to help her cope with life. Bad cgi and the fake running scene of Derek and Scott, lets just move our arms on the spot and pretend the scenery is moving…yawn…

But all in all this episode is pretty good. It opens up an interesting mystery that brings together werewolves, humans, our heroes, the unsuspecting police and even the Argent family.

This episode works because it has a fairly logical flow to it.

I also like that Alison has stopped being a passive girl and has turned into a character worth paying attention to again and not because of her romance with Scott. Because of what she offers as a person to the story line.

The woods feature heavily in this episode and for once, I think that makes sense. Woods in story telling are often filled with danger, mystery and evil things. Seems like the perfect spot for a couple of psychotic werewolves to rampage and terrorise a couple of gay teens about to go on a make-out fest.

Don’t they know the rules of horror story telling – if you have sex and your not a virgin, you die! (Thanks Scream)

The clichés are laid on heavily but they help the viewer plot an obvious path through the story line on offer.

As Scott saves one teen girl from being werewolf souffle, he emplores her “You need to get out of here, you need to get out of the woods, you need to get out of here as fast as you can!” before running off and leaving said teenager alone, again. Thanks Teen Wolf for the lack of escape assistance!

I’m pretty sure there’s a rule in the horror movie genre of using drugs means your just putting your name on the kill me first list, too.

Stiles delivers as always. When Lydia says “I’m supposed to call you before I call 911?” and stiles replies “YES!” it slams home the horror movie cliché of logic and characters and what people normally do in the horror situation in movies – hint, its the opposite to what Lydia, very realistically does.

Even having Stiles mention the classic horror movie The Shining in this episode shows how much it is playing on trying to go for that cliché effect.

Comedy is clever once again, between Derek and Issac when Issac wants to talk to Derek about dating his sister. This car scene is perfectly delivered. And even the scene between Mr Argent and Scott in the same car park with the gun, is fun.

Dear god Teen Wolf, how did you suddenly come good? I really need to find out who wrote this episode!

The thing is, it gets better, the hunting and trapping scene with Mr Argent talking and the cut scenes with Alison is very well put together, along with actual wolf information and facts.

The clichés are laden and once you notice them you start noticing them a lot.

The classic group shot as the wolf pack and hunter walk up to the edge of the park reserve, is expected, as one team working together – (hunted and hunted) to eliminate the bad rogue werewolves and save Beacon Hills from more death and mayhem.

The attempt to stylize the fight scenes, is a bit over done, but I can see this improving.

I like Issac but as a werewolf, there needs a bit of work done on him because he’s a bit to thin and weak looking. Maybe the wardrobe department could layer him up in clothes to give him an effect of bulk and buff, that both Scott and Derek have.

Of course, Teen Wolf wouldn’t be Teen Wolf if it didn’t have multiple story lines going. The teens turning up dead in this episode, is a story line that is actually not werewolf related, as opposed to the wolf pack hunting the rogue werewolves. But what Teen Wolf does manage to do cleverly in this episode is make the story lines intertwine as our wolf pack thinks the two events are related. And it the misdirection, or misinformation and assumption of our intrepid heroes, makes sense! That’s why it works!

A big moment for me in this episode was the scene where Derek has to sacrifice himself at the rouge werewolves claws. As they slash away, madly at him and he gets chopped down to size (cliché)! I find myself feeling for Derek, but this is what it means to be the alpha werewolf, you are the one who has to do what others will not or can not.
Finally, does this mean Teen Wolf are addressing that?
This could be a reason to respect this werewolf!!

This episode of Teen Wolf makes me think that the first two episodes of Season 3, were a waste of time and that somehow, this episode should have been the season opener.

It showcases all manner of strength in the writing and scenery and storylines of its characters. And it’s “Werewolf centric”!! Huzzah!

Finally, a real reason to watch this show again, because it seems to be about werewolves!

Werewolf Thunderdome

August 24, 2013
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“Is this whole be optimistic in the face of disaster thing a part of a be a better Scott McCall Program?” – Stiles, Episode 2, Season 3 Teen Wolf

Stiles still brings the funny in this episode. But funny is no longer saving this TV show for me. There’s just so much going on and it seems like a lot of it isn’t actually happening to our main characters rather it’s happening to those around them. And I find myself not liking that.

Kind of finding it pointless, as a way of giving our intrepid gang of high school heroes – Alison, Lydia, Scott, Stiles and Isaac, something to do, to be connected to.

I find watching this episode very visually pretty – the scene with Issac and the ice bath and the warehouse were all the werewolves meet, it’s visually appealing but the actual storyline and episode, seems so not engaging for the viewer, my concentration is skewed.

Of course, Teen Wolf opens with a mysterious thing happening to a pretty blonde bimbo, who Stiles is trying to get laid with. But it’s one of those things that doesn’t make any kind of sense and is designed to intrigue me but honestly just makes me go WTF? Instead and then not care.

As usual there is a lot going on, honestly I think the writers should just narrow their focus more and make the show more intense rather than have several characters doing several things.
But the most interesting part of the episode for me comes when it becomes Alison versus Derek. Oh yeah, feel the awkward and the potential bitch fight coming. Finally, something that seems like substance in this otherwise vapid show.

Just when I think it’s going to get interesting with Alison standing up to Derek and saying she’s there to help Scott not him, and he makes some remark unto her dead mother, the scene ends.
And again, my interest goes.

The ice bath scene with Isaac is interesting for two reasons – One; they’re fucking painful _ i should know. So kudos for doing one and staying down.

Two; I’m pretty sure we just got our first swear word on Teen Wolf. As Isaac pops up out of the bath he says “It’s a vault, it’s a XXXing vault!” of course it’s hard to imagine Teen Wolf allowing swearing on their show, given their young audience and also it gets censored over by some screeching music/metal edited sound effect.

Apart from this, there is not much else that is worth watching.
Stiles makes some remark about two werewolves entering into the place that Scott and Derek have to go to rescue someone from, there’s always someone who needs rescuing! And he comes up with the phrase – Werewolf Thunder dome. Nice.

There’s things happening but I just don’t care enough to really pay attention to. Other than Alison and Lydia trying to figure out what they’re bruise symbol means. Eventually around the same time Scott and Derek and Isaac figure it out in another scene, I see that the only reason Alison is given this task of figuring it out, is to just put her in trouble and therefore in Scott’s path for rescuing and awkward, tragic romancing.

The episode ends rather suddenly and I find myself dragging my feet to want to watch episode 3.

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