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Head trip on this | June 21, 2009

You know, if my sister were a lesbian, I think that would make life for everyone concerned so much easier.

Although granted, she would NEVER be allowed to go into a gay relationship.  Not that to my knowledge it’s ever come in her case and place. But I can see the argument now, it would be something like there’s too much at stake.  You know, low birth rates , need strong genes, pure blood lines.

You know,  I’ll forgo her being a lesbian and just say, I’m glad she’s the the third in line to the throne as it were, and not me.  I’m beginning to feel quite happy about being just me, because it means, I have a place that I don’t have to fight for.

What’s the point to fighting?

That’s what my family’s always asking.

Well its kind of pointless unless you enjoy the bloodshed, the pain, bruises and cuts and need a massive ego boost after a severe battering at the hands of some inept male looser.

Oh Right.

Light bulb moment, -that is the point.

It’s fun, in a-seriously -you-need-to-develop-a-new-non-violent-hobby much more, kind of way.

Oh and there’s the small matter of winner takes all. Which in the end scheme of things is probably the point.  It’s about coming out on top with the most goodies and the most power.  No wonder my sister’s always getting into those fights.  She kind of likes having the best of everything.

There’s a whole underground fight scene happening in Brooklyn.  And she’s the queen of mean when it comes to laying the smaketh-down.  Which is just as well I guess. What’s the point to being a female if your all helpless and woe is me, let the big male hero come and save me from my virtue and…blah blah..not living in the 1800’s Jane Austin England. Thank the gods.

You know it’s weird, up until that point I just put in words, I was kind of pissed at my sister. She so does not know I’ve decided to go the blogsphere on her.

The thing with her fighting, is it just makes me queasy, upsets me to see her allowing herself to do this much hatred and brutality towards herself.  I mean fights aren’t done with pillows and tickling, I get that. But they’re hardcore.  Half the time I think it’s not about winning, it’s about how much of a god damn beating you can take.

It’s like Bodil is out to prove something not so much to the spectators betting on her there, or her family, yes we HAVE to attend. Protocol we have to attend all these fights, otherwise it doesn’t look good for her.   If You can’t show support through numbers it’s useless and absolutely no good to anyone. And therefore, most likely to get cast out for good.

Which was why I hate them.  It’s not that the fights, and sight of blood and snapped limbs, make me queasy, although after yesterday’s fight, someone threw up rather loudly.  Gross.  Wasn’t me or Markus, we can handle a lot. Bodil can handle the most. Has to, being the fighter and all.

But I don’t want my sister to have to go through these male-istic ritual bullshit rules just because they exist and she’s challenged.   The consequences of her loosing a fight are far too great.

Hmm, living back in 1800 Jane Austin England when your family paid for your arranged marriage is now looking rather cosy.

Bodil’s not big on dating. I don’t think she’s given up on it yet. And I’m pretty sure she’s not a lesbian.  But she hates, being told what to do and by who.  So when some one tries to score a date or more with her, the turn down is fast and hard.  She doesn’t sugar coat her feelings for them.  I’ve seen her do this, in public.

If it were me, I’d die of embarrassment. Thankfully that’s not a known killer these days, cause there’s a sale on next week that I have to get these kick ass boots from!

I’ll have to post a pic when I get them!


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