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The thing with Conall | June 25, 2009

Fuck off with the furry hat psycho-babble-anylsis of me. I’m not Perez Hilton.

I don’t need to be sliced and diced by the latest stainless steel cutting knife being sold on TV for just $59.99!  – The Perez thing, he might have come from New York doesn’t mean we want him back.  Stay in LA glam hater boy.

Info-mercials grate.

Today grated.

I seem to be just stepping right into a whirl wind, of men trouble.

Why is dating so hard?

Beause he’s from Mars and I’m from Brooklyn and have brains!

Conall called on me today. Didn’t pick up a phone and call me, actually did a cameo appearance at my house.  I was surprised. We haven’t been speaking for the last three months.  So I guess this means we’re talking now. I mean, you know, again.  He starts talking to me like we were just talking yesterday, like three months haven’t lapsed between us. Like he’s FORGIVEN ME.  But I’m not the one who did anything wrong. I’m not the one of us two who lost their temper over a trivial thing.  I’m not the one who wouldn’t return the phone calls. I’m not the one who started the whole wall of cold silence.  Yet he makes ME FEEL like I’m being forgiven, being allowed to talk to him again. Like I should be grateful!

Boys, hurt my head and heart.

Conall and I have this thing, we go on then we go off each other. The on is always intense. The off is abrupt, hurtful and sad.  Yet we always come full circle, end up where we started from at some point.  Like now.  Now we’re talking, again.

We had a falling out three months ago, because he saw me getting ready to go out with my non friends.  As if he didn’t have problem enough with that., he kind of clued in to my liking of Aaron.

Guess you’d call it a crush.  I guess I’m no good at lying, I have to many tells. That’s why I’d suck at poker.  Far to easy to figure out.

Conall got jealous. Mean jealous.  The way he usually does. Not that he has a claim on me. We’re not engaged and picking out china patterns. He’s never even tried for that with me.

So hard to work out.

I don’t know what he wants from me other than what he gets from me. I thought we understood one another on THAT level. Guess I was wrong.

So now we’re talking .



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