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Boys can transform, who knew? | June 27, 2009

Saw  the movie Transformers with Conall. I think he chose it because Megan Fox was in it.

Why she was it, is clearly just to be pretty.  He said I remind him of her.

Great, I think.

Does that mean I’m in competition with uber Hollywood babe or he’s going to the movie cause he wants to see someone like me, doing whatever it was she was doing in that movie?

Or any of them were doing.

There was a lot of running and hiding as far s I could tell.  And Megan in white.   What’s that about?

And while we’re on the Megan Fox fashion, what’s with running around a dessert in ugg boots? I’m guessing that’s not the best choice of footwear for escaping big machine things.

I pointed this out to Conall and he just shrugged his shoulders and said “You’d wear those caterpiller hiking ones that we walked Lake Tahoe with right?”

And it’s then that I realise, Conall’s changed.

He’s been paying attention to my footwear.  Knows it means something to me. This is a big deal!

I was surprised.

He was just smiling, you know, what’s it called when you’ve got your mouth closed but your smiling cause you know something, and you know the other person just got it?

Anyway, that was the highlight of our  date.

Yeah, we’re doing date nights again.


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