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how to create a first impression | June 29, 2009

I spoke to Conall about the Aimee situation.

I thought he’d mock me, tell me ‘I told you so’ or some such. But he didn’t.

He just looked at me, with sadness, I think.

Said it was my decision to make and asked if there was some way he could help me with It.

To say I was shocked, would be the biggest understatement ever.

Conall’s not shallow or anything like that, it’s just, how to explain? We’ve never been like this. Like there for you kind of thing. That’s not what we’re about.

I mean, we like each other, and we have an “arrangement.” – you know, friends with benefits. But it’s never been all that much more than that.

When I was silent for ages, he just said

“Let me know if I can do anything.”

Three months apart and the boy is…a changed man.

I’m beginning to see Conall in a new moonlight now, not just the one that filters through the wooden slates in his bedroom. Half  hiding his body before and that emotional display on his face.

I said I still had a fair bit to think about.

Like how to even explain everything if I was going to.  Do I just blurt it out?

Then boy-man, Conall came up with an idea.  Even scarier than talking to Aimee about it.

He said why don’t I let her come out with us one night to The Reflex.

I’m thinking that’s far too much information for a first impression and explanation.

Like waaay too much.


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