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Collar and Cuff | July 2, 2009

Conall and I had dinner last night, a barbeque at his place.

Red wine, porter house stakes, hamburgers and lamb shanks kept us all happily fed and content. All our friends came over and we had a big dinner together, before hitting the Reflex for some letting loose.   It was good to be back on familiar turf, after the whole Aaron run in. Not that there’s anything in that. I mean, Aaron and I are just friends, well acquaintances really.

So what’s there to feel bad about?

I was technically on a date with Conall and just because Aaron doesn’t know about Conall or that I have a life outside of him, well, that’s just too bad and how it all is.  If he really liked me, he’d do something about it instead of making me think he likes me but isn’t game enough to really ask me out.

There are time limits on silent expectation, you know.

Or I could stop being completely gutless about asking him out, too I guess.

Reflex was fun.  Reflex is always fun.

Conall kept me very close to him the whole time we were there. Which wasn’t all that long for us, normally we hang with our friends for a couple of hours before we split. Most of them stay and get rooms at the clubs.  But it was hot, sweaty, pulsating all around us the other night. Sometimes, that’s all he needs.

Boys are so visual in their pleasure.  Luckily for me.

Conall has decided to steal some of my jewellery. When I was trying to locate all the leather bands and bangles I had on he found one of them on the bed and put on his wrist proclaiming it was his.

I said “or does that mean I own you?”

That made him raise his eyebrows with a smile.

“Are you trying to collar me?”

“Collar and cuff you?”

We didn’t use handcuffs last night, but it I had to say it just to see his reaction.

“You don’t strike me as the type to want a dog collar.”

He just laughed at me shaking his head.

If I was trying to collar you Conall, believe me, you’d know about it.


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