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Suburban myth | July 4, 2009

I was at the Noho market looking at stuff.

Don’t you love old stuff, going through bric-a-brac. Trying to figure who had it and why they bought it or would even want it?

I do. It’s a romantically hopeless little fantasy game I play with myself when I’m cruising the flea markets by myself.

I found a t-shirt.

From a stall that was selling a lot of vintage clothes, stuff from the seventies and eighties.  But the t-shirt I found, buried in a hamper of $5 bargains was new.  At least, it doesn’t look like it’s been worn or washed. No rips or tears. I mean it looks like it could be brand new without any tags or label on it.  It’s grey and it has New York, written across the top of it in large white letters and in the middle of the T-shirt, was a print of The Wolf-Man.

You know, like the “monster “depicted in the old Hammer monster films from the forties or fifties.  Basically a poor man’s cheap version of a were-wolf.  Very cheesy.

Underneath the picture was the words suburban, underground.

The lady who sold me the T-shirt, said she didn’t remember that one, being there when she put her stall together, but I just paid her my five bucks and took the shirt.  I bought it for a reason.

I’ve seen this image before.

The same image.

Rumor has it, that there is some artist in New York who prints this on walls, buildings, lane ways. That kind of thing.    But nobody knows who this artist is. But it’s putting a lot of noses out of joint. And no, that isn’t a shifting joke.  Some of the packs, believe this street artist, is a New York native who has had some kind of run in, with….well, all that is suburban and supposedly underground around NYC.  There’s even talk, that it’s someone’s way of bringing attention to what’s right before suburban society’s eyes. Trying to make people AWARE.  There’s also another rumor that says it’s a vampire playing a joke on us all. Ha! That the vampire has taken slight against “others” being in it’s neighborhood and culling it’s feeding ground.

Vampires, as if they’re real!  They’re just the type of bogey-man, that will scare impressionable young minds when they need to put into line.  I should know, worked on me more than once when I was a kid.  My big brother Aksel used to scare the crap out of me with stories about Vampires when he was stuck baby-sitting me.  Re-telling me stories our father apparently told him.

I seriously doubt our dad would ever try and scare a kid with the tales Aksel filled my head with. Ever.

Some people say, that this artist is also some hideously deformed wolf—man monster itself. Who’s trying to get back at those who cursed him. Others believe, that it’s actually the artist themselves in the picture with prosthetics and make-up on. I think that’s the weakest rumor of them all.  In other words, nobody knows who started this wolf-man New York image. But it keeps appearing all over New York.

More likely this someone trying to be the new “Banksy.” Or something.

I’m keeping the tee-shirt.

Never know, it might be worth something one day


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