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I don’t remember | July 5, 2009

I don’t really remember last night.

Blurry than my vision when I’m crying.


Memory doesn’t work when I feel this emotional.

Add to that lunar effects going on in my body and it’s not a wonder I can’t remember anything. Most of the time, these types of black outs don’t happen.   But when highly, distressed or I guess emotional, and I do mean highly, I’ve heard this could happen. It’s like been wiped clean. Waking up with no knowledge other than common things.  Took me two hours to recognize everything in my bedroom .  Who the people in the photos were, who the text messages on my phone were from. Names and faces that took me two hours to remember.

But I remember them now.

But I don’t know about last night.

Why did I end up at home, alone, and not at Conall’s place? I don’t even know how I got here.

My body aches.

My head hurts

And my mouth is disgusting, seriously no amount of brushing my teeth is getting rid of whatever that smell is.

But I’m not hurt.

I’m not hungry

And I’m safe.



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