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I remember… | July 6, 2009

Hell of a night to remember.

We, me, Conall and our crew were at The Reflex doing our usual thing.

I remember this girl I don’t know.

I remember her

“We need to talk Conall, you can’t ignore me forever.”

I remember

“You must be the girlfriend he spoken about.”

I remember

“Don’t do this here.”

From him.

I remember

“You’ve been ignoring me for the past four weeks!”

I remember

Picking up two shot glasses one after another.

I remember her angrily yelling

“We have to talk!”

I remember her looking at me. Angrily, sadly, confused.

“Let me guess, he didn’t you about me?”

I think someone passed me another shot.

“Well I’m having his baby.”

I remember the sensation of numbness.

My eyes got blurry.

I tried to look at him and her.  Put it all together in my head.

But everything was blurry.

The blurry-ness became moist and hot.

I remember I felt myself burning under the touch of his hand.

Nausea in my throat.

I remember

I pushed past her and ran out of there

Away from them all.


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