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the catch up | July 17, 2009

I can’t find the rest of Aimee’s note but the short version of the note is this.

She knows!

Well, she knows something. At least she suspects she does, but then we did consume an entire bottle of tequila and most of a vodka bottle between us…so she was a bit hung over and unsure when writing the note to me.

But she says she can’t shake the image of what she saw, or thinks she saw.

And she explained to me that I was in bed, because she found me, at some part of the night, curled up on the floor, naked, outside the room she was sleeping in (Aksel’s old room / the guest room now) and I was shivering and apparently, whimpering.   She says she woke me up, walked me back to my room and I just got in bed and went straight to sleep, like nothing was amiss.

I don’t remember it at all.

She says she thinks I might have been sleep walking or in a sleep walking state at the time because I wasn’t very coherant.

Man, Conall and his bombshell really did a number on my mojo.

I don’t know why I let it get to me.

I mean, I’ve known all along that Conall and I aren’t a right fit. We’ve never worked smoothly together, it’s always been this rocky relationship thing between us.

I can’t figure out if I’m more upset about the fact that he’s having a baby with another woman, or that he doesn’t seem to care about the other woman having his baby.

He’s tried to speak to me about it. But I just haven’t been ready to talk or listen to that story yet.

I never thought we’d have forever, but I guess i figured, we’d be okay in the end and we’d be together, somehow. Even now as I write this, its making me upset. Shit.  Why Conall? I’ve been avoiding both him and Aimee for the past few days, as much as I can.  Aimee’s more persistant than Conall though. She wants to talk!


Why does everyone suddenly want to talk at me. Ugh. I need space, to digets, to clear my head, to harden my heart and to build some resolve. It doesn’t help either that we (Father and I) have had an almost full house for the past week of live in guests either.  I mean, Markus still has a room here and so do both Bodil and Joss.  But Joss normally flitters between here and Annabeth’s house. Markus is rarely ever around and Bodil has her own place.  Aksel’s even joined us all for dinner for a few nights. Highly unusal let me tell you.  I think something is up with him. But he hasn’t said. He’s not to good with his emoitions, Aksel. But you can always tell, at least I can tell when somethings up with him, because his behaviour pattern changes. Normally we don’t see him for months or only when father calls, does he really come running. Or when Bodil’s fighting. Which she hasn’t been doing a lot of lately because apparently dad banned her (Finally).

So no more voyeristic underground blood sports viewing for Breukelen Girl. Yippee! Now, if I could just conquer the boyfriend who’s having a baby with another woman problem and the bestfriend who wants to talk about wearing fur, rather than going naked on a full moon night!!!! Ahhh.


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