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It Plays on my mind | July 20, 2009

So in the midst of my avoidance issues, I remember someone I wasn’t avoiding or hiding out from.  And yet, our last time together if you could call it that, wasn’t good either. I seem to be developing a track record for bad relationships. I remember our last meeting and I still cringe.


We haven’t seen each other or spoken to each other since the run in with Conall and our crew at Ultra during lunar week. Crazy time during the lunar cycle. How to explain it to those that don’t have to go through it…some other time. When everything in my life, isn’t  playing on my mind.

Not that right now I mind it. I mean, between Conall and Aimee and life in general, the world is moving fast enough for me to try and keep up with.

But it plays on my mind every now and then, when I relax enough to let it creep in there. I mean, we weren’t tight or whatever you want to call it.  But…

I THOUGHT we had something.


Such a lame word. Something could be anything Breukelen Girl and still not enough to fit your definition of a relationship.

Why are boys so freak’n hard to figure out? Anyway, Aaron issues on top of my other shit right now would be, well enough to make me loose it with everyone. So maybe it’s a good thing we haven’t caught up.

Maybe that’s all it is.

Not he hates me now and doesn’t want to know me.


Probably not.

Stop kidding yourself BG, you dellusional looser!  You’re history and he ‘s no longer interested. Shit, deal and move on. Nothing else to do. Besides there is still the constant issue of Conall in your life and now that Aaron knows about him, well not ‘about him’ or why im ‘with him’. ugh.

Dating nons ain’t worth this much headache, surely. It’s supposed to be easier, because of the normal life factor.  But I guess that’s all relative right? what’s normal anyway? Not that pack is proving different either.

Males. One and same, wether they embrace their animal side or not. Hassle hassle and heart-ache.


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