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Slightly inevitable, it’s genetic… | July 21, 2009

What’s a girl to do, when she’s feeling down and blue?

Well if you’re me, which you’re not (and probably quite happy about) then you mope around until your mobile rings with an offer of better things.

It turned out to be two of my friends, Pip and Emma who started singing a P!nk song down the line at me by way of greeting.

lordy, lordy, lordy, I can’t help it, I like to party it’s genetic..

And don’t we all? – Me. Yes.

They sang the entire song to me – badly and loudly.

Before breaking into a hysterical fits of giggles at the end of it.

I was smiling so hard, my face was hurting. Then of course, I got the giggles too and so we were all just laughing at one another over the phone for like five minutes, before one of us could calm down enough to actually speak.

But that felt good.

They were ringing up to invite me out to a Moon (landing) party.  The purpose of the Moon (Landing) party they informed me, was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of man walking on the moon.

Yeah right!

This is my friends we’re talking about, not intellectual scholars!

The REAL purpose of the moon (landing) party was to…land someone.


Original, I know.

I figured this was no different to every other colleague and house party I’d ever been to.  Plus what’s the point to being depressed all the time?

So I went to the pack party in Brooklyn Heights. And yes, at least three of my four tatt’s were on display (Take a guess where they were) well you’d have probably only seen two, but you could find the third one if you looked hard enough.  I was still, I think, fairly clothed, more so than what I wore to Ultra.


Gotta celebrate all that is the moon!

Actually any excuse for a party is more like it

It felt good to just be out and about having fun with my friends.  Before I literally, while dancing my way through the house conga-line style, bumped into Conall.

Slightly inevitable.

We move in the same circle of people, and they don’t all know we’re not on speaking terms with one another.  Even if they did I doubt they’d go out of their way to accommodate our social awkwardness.


I just kept conging past him and he just kept staring at me.  When Conall stares at you, you feel like your being hunted.  My pulse spiked way too quickly it might have been the element of surprise coming into play, but that wasn’t all it was. If I’d actually been paying attention to my surrounds, I would’ve scented him before I saw him.

Cologne or not. When you’ve been partnered with someone as long as I have with Conall, you pick up their scent, easily. But I was distracted by the fact that I as happily, enjoying myself.

Saw him twice more after that, from a distance.  After all it was a house party, there were more than enough people to get lost in the crowd. Thankfully. Not sure if he saw, me. Don’t really care. He kept his distance, I kept mine. I wasn’t there for him.

Guess we’ll get around to being civil again, some other time.

Sometimes you just got to have a bit fun, which I did!


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