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Don’t stand so close to me | July 23, 2009

So before I can even get to my “meeting” as it were with Aimee at her place, I have a run in with Conall.  Well it’s not really a run in now is it when you rock up to your own house and can scent your partner ten metres from the door, is it?

The front porch was dark and unlit,  and when I started to actually focus and listen for him, I could hear his breathing, his heart beat about three metres away from him.  As he sat in the shadows, silently, waiting for me to approach.

“I can’t do this now.” I told him.

My chest felt tight. Hard and tight.

What had happened to my clear head and tough resolve I’d worked up?

I suck at confrontation.

The rustle of clothes let me know he’d moved to stand up. Before I saw the movement in the dark. Night vision, without the goggles, benefits of being  who I am.


“Not now. Not yet.”

He nodded his head at me like he understood. But he didn’t, he never does. Because he kept walking towards me till he was right infront of me and I was stairing back into those deep brown eyes.

That feeling in my chest, I think it constricted a bit more.

He must’ve heard my pulse spike. Because he didn’t stop moving towards me, it was just slower, like it was for my benefit. To remember every movement of him.

He leaned in to me and I stood there, daring him to. Determined to ignore the rapid rate of my heart beat. Yeah right, have you ever tried to ignore the obvious? My mind says give in, enjoy what’s in front of you, what he’s presenting to you.  But that tiny bit of logic I still have in my brain, reels me in and says, it’ll just go away again.


His hands ran up my arms lightly and he tilted my face up to his, held my chin in his fingers and all I saw was him before we kissed. It was like the world dropped away. I swear I didn’t hear anything else but heart beats and pulses and breathing.

Do you have any idea how erotic that is? so much want, desire and focus in one place. Just makes the skin heat up, in all the right places and then some.

Yeah, really clear head.

Really resolved on the Conall sitch and where I’m going with that.

No, Really.

Look the word up (resolve) girl and get your shit together! or forever be dizzy headed and utterly confussed around him.


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