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We go clubbing | July 30, 2009

I told you it was on the first of what’s likely to be forever.


Obviously there is a lot to talk about, mucho ground to cover.

Aimee want’s to be informed so she can understand where I’m coming from.

I am truly lucky that Aimee’s my friend and she chose to be understanding to get over her initial reaction of anger and hurt and realize there was more to it than the simple fact I’d been keeping my secret from her.

I did say that to her too.

She’s already asking me about Lunar week, the how, the why, the me and Conall sitch, can she meet him?

Can she join me at one of the wolf clubs?


As if.

No way I’d let her near a wolf club.

Why wouldn’t I let her near a club you ask? Simple.

It’s freak her the shit out.

Seriously, it’d freak most Non-’s out.  I don’t know what I was thinking the first time I invited her out. Clearly, I wasn’t. It’s not the smartest move, ever.

Hell, sometimes it can freak me out (depending on which club we end up in, they can be so very, very, different).  The clubs are our safe havens and we’re free to express and explore.  To enjoy and indulge.

It’s not that the clubs suddenly turn into sex clubs or the like. But they’re a lot more liberating for urban were-wolves than you’d suspect. It was an ingenious idea that got crafted a long time ago.  A way for urban were-wolves to deal with the moon heat, moon madness and lunar week.

All three things can individually affect us and are by their names alone, very different.

See, if you’re a country wolf, or you can get time out of your real life for a week, every month of the year, you can plan to go country and deal that way.  It’s easier for our country counterparts.  There’s open land to run around in, lush landscapes to roam and get lost in.  The country’s a very ideal place to be. A hell of a lot less chance of being seen, although by comparison, risk of getting hunted, can be higher.

So as the were-wolf population of generations past, grew and moved further into cities, matter’s had to be dealt with in a whole new light.

Hence, lunar week at the nightclubs.

The various wew-wolf “friendly” clubs set up around New York, make a killing, let me tell you.  Figuratively speaking. We spend all our spare time in these clubs because we can, because we need to, because it’s safe, it’s secluded and it beneficial. It helps us out. We’re highly sexed creatures.

Like I said before, there are rules that govern packs.

You can’t just go around shape shifting in public, in the open where someone can see you, for a few reasons, but the biggest one being, when we shift, we loose ourselves.

So you’d want to hope the wolf is in control when it comes too. That it’s been satisfied and sated accordingly.  You don’t want an upset angry were-wolf, with emotions of badass, transmorphing tenfold. It’s likely to lead to an attack on a human.

You can’t have one way out of control and out of their mind were-wolf, running around screwing stuff up for the rest of us.

Especially when the rest of us have worked so hard to fit in, have a normal a life as possible.

So we go clubbing.  Burn up the energy, sate the mind, and fill the senses. It helps with the shifting that we have to face as the moon get’s fuller each night of the lunar week.


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  1. 17Special Song For You….

    Girl From Ipanema …..( Frank Sinatra)

    Tall and tan and young and lovely
    The girl from ipanema goes walking
    And when she passes, each one she passes goes – ah

    When she walks, shes like a samba
    That swings so cool and sways so gentle
    That when she passes, each one she passes goes – ooh

    (ooh) but I watch her so sadly
    How can I tell her I love her
    Yes I would give my heart gladly
    But each day, when she walks to the sea
    She looks straight ahead, not at me

    Tall, (and) tan, (and) young, (and) lovely
    The girl from ipanema goes walking
    And when she passes, I smile – but she doesnt see (doesnt see)
    (she just doesnt see, she never sees me,…)

    Comment by Chris Stoner — July 30, 2009 @ 10:14 pm

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