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Rough night | August 2, 2009

Rough night, last night.



I threw Conall against a wall.

His bare back hit it with a thud. You could hear the sound of skin hitting wall clearly.

To a mere mortal, the force of the blow would have winded them, severely. Possibly dislocated a shoulder socket, even, that’s how hard I threw him.

Lunar week and the body automatically knows it.

But he can take it too, since we’re all affected when Lunar week kicks in.

“Abilities” if you want to call them that, are doubled for the week.

It must be what it feels like to be wonder woman for a moment or two.

Which also means, feelings, sensations, moods and the like are heightened also.

Which means Conall feels what I feel too.

He responded in kind by grabbing my hair at the back of my head and yanking me, almost off my feet, into him.

“Now, let’s get this thing straight.”

He was breathing heavy and glistening in sweat.

I wanted to lick him he smelt so sweet.

His eyes were drilling into me.

The moon was on the rise, we were both feeling it.

He warped his hand up further in my hair, tightening his hold.

There comes a certain point in the night when the shift claims us and our animal forms will surface.

We only have a few hours before that happens.

A few hours.

A few hours to have some fun.

So I said through clenched teeth

“If you want to play this game, then take notes. Because I will win.”

Ah, Lunar week, let the moon madness begin.


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