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By the third night | August 5, 2009

Third night of the lunar week. New Moon in da house, you know what this means?

Didn’t think so..let me explain, it’s like another world at night. For us.

It’s not just a case of me shaking up with Conall for a week, having wild animal sex and us shape shifting at the end of each night into wolf form.  That would be one, very, basic, description of it.  But I’d be leaving out a lot of detail if I said that was all there was too it.

Like I said, there is a werewolf club scene in New York for good reason.  We need somewhere to go, to be together otherwise you’d have feral, were-wolves on the loose, on every street around every corner terrorizing people for a week, every month of the year.  It’d be like anarchy.  We’d get policed or worse.

And If you think werewolves wouldn’t attack humans, think again.

Sure, the were-wolf culture has come a long way from being just mindless monsters that Hollywood would have you believe are cursed and without control over themselves or the matter.  We’re not cursed. But we have to live and work in a society that doesn’t fully understand us or even truly know we exist.  So it’s a fine line that our lives balance on, seemingly all the time.  Attacks do happen, even now-a-days. But they’re less than they used to be, because Packs around the country have been guiding us for years.

The truth is, lunar week affects all werewolves differently, and it can vary depending on circumstances. But mostly, there is a pattern of what you can expect to happen to you and you figure out what works best for you during the lunar week.

The first three nights leading up to the new moon phase, are bearable enough. Hell, for the first two nights, I don’t have to shift.  But my body gets little wants too. Conall has to shift every night of the lunar week. So most of the time I do to, rather than him do it alone. Fighting a shift, can make it so much more painful than it needs to be.  Sure I only feel it for a brief time. But it feels like eternity when you’re being torn apart and re-born from the inside out, fast. So I don’t fight it.  Conall does more often than not, especially if I’m not around. For me, I can still feel the after affects the next day if I do try and fight shifting, or holding it off.  It’s happened before.  It’s why I now routinely book myself in for a regular massage after lunar week.

But by the third night, well, I loose choice in the matter. After that every night of the lunar week is a shape shifting night.

When I said our emotions and sensations were heightened, I wasn’t kidding. This includes hunger. You can crave things, like, ravenously crave them.  Like your body will crazy without them.

For most were-wolves it becomes about blood and meat. Red meat.  So being around my dear friend Aimee or any other non friends at this time, is fairly dangerous. After all, I can smell her scent and hear her heat beat and if she has an open cut on her body, like a paper cut, I would be able to smell her blood.

I’ve never drank human blood, but I’ve had it described it to me once, by someone. It sounded like they had a drinking problem.  Because they hadn’t been able to stop. Didn’t stop.

When a werewolf drinks blood, it’s not all high tea and dainty, fine china cups. It’s more like teeth tearing muscle, cracking bone and burying your face into the meat till your snout and face are covered in it.  And yeah, there was a part of me that found that exciting to hear.

That’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull and taunting it.

Hmm, I guess I see why Hollywood makes us out to be monsters. But really, I think it’s more a primal urge that gets played on us.

The urgency the werewolf inside me has to go for that blood, that fresh meat, could be enough for me to forget who she is to me.  To loose control over what I know I can normally control, through my routine habits on lunar week.

So I try to stick to what I know. To do what does work.

To enjoy what I can without fear of hurting someone. I mean, it’s already enough that I have to get through all this stuff and function in society at the same time. I mean I still have to interact with my neighbors, workmates and the like.

On the flip side, I also stick to my known and trusted routine and pack mates, because there are those humans that do know about werewolves.  That would try and harm us, take advantage of us for fun, fetish or other circumstances.

It’s a hell of a lot harder to do if they can’t infiltrate your world and be a part of it.  So it’s for my own protection as much as that of my friends like Aimee, when I do my thing with Conall.

Learnt my lesson on that one, pack is life.


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