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A typical night | August 6, 2009

A typical night out during lunar week.

Is there such as thing?

Let me think about this for a moment.

I’d have to say it probably goes something like this…

Conall and I and our friends get together for a big dinner, then we all decided to hit a club. There’s always debate over which club to end up at, eight times out of ten, it’s our regular haunt.  Then everyone goes and gets dressed up. Conall will pick me up and we’ll go to the club, meet our friends there. Hang around for a few hours.  Long enough to catch up with everyone, have drinks, sometimes dance, but mostly just soak in the seriously charged up atmosphere in there.

There’s usually some sort of male, angst filled moment from Conall.  That quickly disappears into nothing but restlessness with him then pestering me for us to leave the club.

“He wasn’t touching my ass, it was my lower back.”

“He touches it again I’m going to break his hand.”

“He’s your friend.”

“He’s not a friend, I just know him. Besides, you were all like,”

“Hey! If I’m uncomfortable with what he’s doing, I’ll tell him.”

“So you were letting him touch you up?”

“He was not touching me up!”

“You were flirting with him.”

“I was not flirting with him, you’re insane!”

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

“Either way your back, your ass, all of it, belongs to me.”

“Possessive much?”

“Utterly. You can thank me latter, when your howling at the moon with me.”

This usually turns into a bit of a tug of war game between us. To see who will cave into the other one and how.

“What makes you think you’re going to make me, howl?”

“Well there’s that thing I do to you…”

“What? Mount me?”

“I’m a horn-dog, what can I say?”

“Horny, you got that right.”

“I don’t hear you complaining.”

“That’s because I’m usually too busy..”

“Uh, don’t get me started with the visuals..”

It’s cute and as we both get closer to the moon rising higher in the night sky, we begin to get desperate with one another we try and trick the other one into giving in first. It’s very playful because we tease each other, a lot.

“Why don’t we just ditch everyone now?”

“We just got here, it would be rude.”

“But I’m horny.”

“You’re always horny. Especially during lunar week.”

“What can I say, I like sex.”

It usually ends, where we both give in together, around the same time and get out of the club in time for us to…

“So what do you say, you and I, get out of here and I’ll..”


“Come on, you don’t want an unhappy wolf to deal with do you?”

“You start pouting and I won’t be dealing with you, I’ll be ditching you.”

“I’ll turn into a bad boy if we don’t.”


Normally that’s an hour or two before the shape shifting time slot kicks in, that we can make good use of.  By then, Conall is on the rise as well as the moon. If I haven’t been near him, touching him for majority of the time.  It’s a lot harder to handle without the sensation of another werewolf. He’ll have been pushing the constraints of control for four hours.

“Yeah, you’re ass is mine when we get out of here.”

A typical night, really.


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  1. Interesting night.

    Comment by Werewolf967 — August 7, 2009 @ 7:00 pm

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