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Beloved wolf | August 24, 2009

Aimme asked me what my wolf was called.

Noticed that I spoke of the werewolf part of me like ‘she’ is a second person.  I told her, the wolf isn’t so much a second person as another aspect of me. Part of my personality, not really, more like part of my genetic biology.  You know, that part of you that you can’t fight, never get a say in, that makes you up into who you are.

Yes my wolf, does have a name, it’s a Breukelen name that was given to me when I first shape shifted.

My wolf’s name means Beloved. I was given my name for obvious reasons, mum and dad wanted me to know above all else that I was loved, even if I wasn’t from their tribal lines.

Everyone in my family has  a Breukelen name.

We all get names given to us upon the first time we shape shift.

Some were-wolves are able to shape shift from birth. In particular Alpha’s. They end up knowing no different because it’s so inherent in them.  So second nature to them, even as pups.

But Beta were-wolves like me tend to shape shift some time in the first five years of our birth.   Sometimes, it can even take as long as puberty before the whole ability really kicks in and gets sorted out.

Just depends I guess.

Being a were wolf isn’t exactly an exact thing.

We are tactile in our being and instinctual in our behaviour.

We have no say in being a were-wolf when the lunar week hits.  Any other time, we can at least feel like we have a sense of control and understanding of what we’ve been lumped with.


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