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Dog Day’s moon | August 29, 2009

The Kanya Raasi moon, the virgo moon, the sturgeon moon, the green corn moon, dog day’s moon (personal favorite for the irony alone!), harvest moon, fruit moon, and women’s moon, moon when all things ripen.

These are just a few names given to the moon I was born under.

Yep I’m a Virgo werewolf.

My horoscope:
August is an average month for you due to your being born in the Kanya Raasi moon blah blah blah. Don’t expect much virgo girl. Cause that would be stupid.

Stupid horoscopes of indecision and lacking information for motivation. Why do I pay attention to them? Why let what someone else says dictate what I do? The only one who gets a remote say in that, and that would be my wolf.

Cause I’m twitchy, I get suspicious of everyone and everything a week before lunar week when everything’s not routine. When there are differences happening around me.

When you’re a werewolf you can sense changes in people, in particular other wolves, when you’re in close vicinity to them. The wolf senses tune into their blood pulse, heartbeat and fear. You hear it and you can smell it. Parts of mood, that change.

When we’re pup’s were taught how to use our snouts to scent things. There’s a great little game we get taught. Called “what am I?”

Oh the irony.

Anyway, the deal is, items with smells, scents if you will, are hidden from the pup. The pup has to track them, blindfolded using just their sense of scent. You become very fine tuned at it. So much so that as an adult most of us can pick at least ten scents at once when in a crowded situation.

The body omits more than you’d think. You know how people say they can smell “sex” in a room? Well it’s kind of like that, only to werewolves, more obvious. Fear is a distinct kind of scent and sensation all at once.

Add that to the body language and it’s a give away. The only thing you can confuse fear for, is lying. They’re very one and same, sometimes. Interchangeable. Depending on the personality it’s coming off.

I like to think I’m a very good judge of people’s character as a result of this, ability I have. For me, I guess it’s like a secret to my human friends and acquaintances. You could call it like X-ray vision. I’m better at picking up someone’s tell signs at a poker game than any behavioral scientist you see on TV. Helps when you hustle at Poker too.

Which I haven’t done a lot of, or you know, lately, so relax with the moral indignation already.

So something’s up.

Something’s coming along to greet me soon. I can feel the suspense sweeping me up like a dust storm. Whenever I’m around Conall at the moment, it’s just…wiry would be the best word to describe the atmosphere.

Why does he pretend to act like it’s all normal when he knows I’m fine tuned to his senses, the alerts his body sends out to me unconsciously that I can not only pick up so easy but can’t ignore when I notice them?

Guess I’ll have to suck it up and see.
Wait it out.

Meet it head on.

With him if I have to. Because that’s what I do.
Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, its apparently the one that brings all the individual growth signs together to see all sides of the situation for the good of others.

Lunar week. Hmm, should be…intriguing then.


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