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Trouble | August 31, 2009

The things we do.
Do they make us who we are?

Most werewolves stick to a routine of familiarity during lunar week. Which usually means that they stick to their own Pack’s territory. This is a key structure to how modern day werewolf packs, work.

Of New York’s five boroughs, the Breukelen occupy Brooklyn. Making us the third largest pack in New York, behind The Braganza pack in Queens and the Manhattan Maen. Like the Braganza we live amongst the humans, but unlike other werewolf packs, we are a mixed pack. We consist of half-breeds as well as Breukelen and we’ve been known to take in a lycan too. Most werewolf packs are quite traditional in their structures. Not as flexible or open minded as my pack.

The Breukelen Pack werewolves will stick to Brooklyn clubs. Of course, not all werewolves in the Breukelen are of age for this, for those who don’t visit this circuit, they’re more likely to head to the country or to a reserve for the nights of the lunar week. There is the last option of course, which is to shape-shift at home, but that rarely ever ends well unless there is a cage, a very large, bare, room, or a big backyard involved.

Certain packs are more likely to take other pack wolves frequenting their areas, during lunar week as a sign of aggression. During normal days and nights of the month, other than this time, it’s quite alright. But there is a silent expectation placed on pack’s to behave during lunar weeks. Because we’re all so affected by the moon, so much.

Nobody wants a fight or mishap to deal with what could have been prevented.

Yet these things still seem to happen from time to time. I mean, how else do you explain the crime rates in….certain areas of New York? We have to co-exist with Nons.

So when Lunar week comes on, it is common courtesy that all werewolf packs stick to their own neighborhoods. Especially in suburban areas. It’s not that you can’t, it’s just that you’re more likely to make waves if you don’t. You know, get the wrong sort of attention and more than likely end up in some sort of trouble.

Or of course, you could just stick to your regular routine and trouble could find you all the same. There are no guarantees of course. Life is as unpredictable as people can be. Especially where certain personalities are concerned. Mix that with lunar week and what do you get?

a) Fun.
b) Mayhem
c) trouble

I mean, we werewolves may be pack, doesn’t mean it’s all a love-fest of goodwill and cheer now, does it? Not every wolf knows their place or appreciates pack for what it is. Not all werewolves like one another, even from the same pack.

Especially when human behavior rules us most of the time and foolish human desires, just won’t back down and see reason, or reality in a situation. When for some reason these feelings won’t be kept at bay and really should. When you’re wolf isn’t really the one in the driver seat, at the right time.

Talk about potential to get ugly.
And no, I’m not talking about me.


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