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Can’t wait | September 2, 2009

I’d like to dedicate this blog post to you.
Yes, you know who you are and so do I.
Which is what you wanted all along.

Remember the way I got so rudely introduced to you at The Reflex last month? How could I forget ?

You made an impression.
But that was the point.
You thought, if you played your cards right. Conall and I would break up.

Nice Try. Really. What a role model in decency you are.

Well, this is for you, because I know you’re reading this, checking up on me. Trying to fish for information to use to your advantage or something. Which says a fair bit about you doesn’t it?

Jealous perhaps? Manipulative? Or just used to getting your way at any cost?

Here’s a hot tip, wild wolves are used to sharing in a pack structure. It’s a little bit cave man, but that’s how they do things with pack mates. But urban werewolves, such as you and indeed, I and more so, our human sides, are not used to sharing pack partners.

Things go wrong and fall apart when the scenario of sharing or being open to others, whilst still with each other, comes into play.

Open relationships require you to loose the jealousy if the whole thing is going to work. Jealousy just confirms what’s probably trying to deny when being in an open relationship. Feelings are stronger, more assured and clearer when you see what you have and how it is with someone else. You can see what you can loose. You can see where you stand and what you really have, when another party is involved.

I mean what’s the point to an ‘open’ relationship if you’re not getting what you want from anyone you want? Traditional relationships, or monogamous ones by comparison, are well, more about just sticking with the one person, the only focus you have, need or want.

Open relationships, three-way relationships, whatever you want to call them, aren’t about rules, or regulations or expectations on yourself or others. They’re usually about lust, desire, and a hell of a lot of sex.

Which is where Conall and I enter the picture and for a brief moment of pause, I guess, you too.

Let’s get this straight. I’m not jealous.
But you are.
I have, what you want.

When Conall and I are shaky we’re like a rocky bridge twirling in the wind. It’s unstable, insecure and un assured. The landing might be hard, but isn’t always. And above all else, I know to expect that. So don’t think I’m giving you free arsnel. I know this. Because I know him and I know us.

He came back to me.
Wanted me in the end scheme of things.
When we get our shit together, we’re stronger than strong.

So as far as Conall and you go, or went, I’m over the whole thing.

You are past.
I am now.

I have an understanding of him and how he works and how he’s going to work with me. You do not.
That’s why I’m not jealous. I’ve very reassured.

You got, what? a month of great sex with him? That’s all.

Time to give it up lady.
The boy is taken.
And it aint with you.
Or didn’t you notice the way he didn’t want to know you when you caused that scene at the club?

We’ve spoken, him and I about you and us.

Here’s the deal.
Conall’s male, gets horny, wants sex.
You happened to be there at a time I was not. We’d been fighting, then we got over ourselves and got back together again. Goodbye you.
That’s it, that’s all.

Hell you can go up to him and ask him to choose if you want to.
If that’s your ‘next’ move.
But you should know this, I know your type.
You give women a bad name.

Trying to set a guy up for a relationship based on a lie. Yeah, He told me what he found out. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Is that why the sudden panic and aggressive tactics? Shows how little you actually have to offer anyone, let alone Conall if you think that’s all he’s worth or after. Shows how little you really know about the boy and even less about the were-wolf he is.
Or me.

And that’s making me smile and bare my teeth. Lunar week should be a “ripping” good time, this time round hey?

Can’t wait.

See you in the clubs.


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