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Sometimes its never enough | September 5, 2009

So when I woke up with a sore shoulder, a deep purple bruise seeming to spread out from it to my collar bone, it wasn’t like it didn’t hurt.

It wasn’t like I wasn’t aware of the gouge of a claw mark running up my left arm either.

When wounds are fresh, they hurt when you move. Even slightly.

But that wasn’t going to stop me from rolling over, ignoring the bearable pain of my evening fight, to lift my hips for Conall’s.

He was hovering over me, grinning down at me heatedly.

Sometimes it’s never enough.

That’s why I like waking up with him.

Well, more correctly, being woken up by him.
He woke me by licking the gauge in my split lip. Sucking the dried blood off it. Like he was proud of my war wounds.

Even though my body ached, it was only slight.
The sight of its effort in fighting, was probably a bigger turn on to him than he’d care to admit or I’d like to hear. I don’t go around smacking people out. That’s his thing. Not mine. I suck at confrontation. I try to avoid it. But sometimes you can’t be denied your right, well within your right, when someone starts something.

Like last night.

Maybe that’s what Conall was really smirking about. He knew why I’d gotten into that bitch fight last night.

He was the reason there was a fight.

Ego maniac.

Sure, she premeditated it and I could see it coming. But sometimes, there’s really only one way to get a message to someone. Push me and I’ll show you how far that can go. How long that will work with me.

It was threatening to start before well before we all had to shape-shift. But I managed to keep it, her, at bay until I could shift, around the same time she had to. See avoiding shit, has benefits, like working a situation to your advantage. There’s no doubt about it, I’m a better fighter as a werewolf than a human.

Then we went at it.

Werewolf style, by the look of my scars.

Not sure if we were in the club or not. Guess I’ll find out soon enough. They frown on fights in the clubs, they ban you from the clubs. Even during lunar week.

It’s a Hollywood myth that all my werewolf wounds will suddenly clear up when I shape shift back to my human shell. Like nothing’s happened or can be seen to have happened.

But in the light of an early morning, who cares?

Conall’s fingers dug into the soft flesh above my hips and that’s the first time I made noise in the morning. Gasping because I feel a little tenderized. Even the breath escaping my throat felt raw against my vocal chords.

Which makes me wonder how much I worked her over. If my human side had it in my mind to rip her throat out. It’s weird, but I think the closer you get into Lunar week and have thoughts like this, the more, your wolf retains these parts of you when you shape-shift.

My body’s battered and bruised in a used, like your body’s alive, kind of way. Rejuvenated through the rush of adrenaline after hitting lactic acid.

Conall knew this.

Otherwise I’d be whining and moaning in obvious pain and he’d be playing nursemaid to me.
Hang on; I’m having a dirty little thought.
Conall in a nurses uniform? Hmmm. Twisted. Hmmm. Curiosity is peaking.

Whilst my body was sore, and bruised, and registering sensations of brief pain, it didn’t hurt. Not really.

I mean, I can take hurt.

All werewolves can. We’re built from tough warrior animals.

We can take a fair old beating. Especially in werewolf form. More so than if we were in human form. Still because of the whole half-breed thing, the human side can probably take far more than most people on average too.

You could nail my cut palm to the floor with the heel of stiletto shoe and stand on that one leg, pressing your weight down and I’d be able to take it, even after a fight like last night.

The evidence of our rage marks our bodies, like it would anyone. But we heal a hell of a lot faster than Nons. I might still have the bruises and cuts by the end of the day, but more than likely they’ll be almost all entirely gone. Benefits of being me.

So when Conall started up this morning, it was still rough and I was still taking it because I can, and I wanted to.

Because it was exciting him as much as his reaction was, to me. And that’s really all YOU-know-who, has to read about this blog.



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