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Where you coming from? | September 7, 2009

There’s a line in a Bob Marley song, I think, that goes something like “If you don’t know your history, then you don’t know where you’re coming from.”

Another Lunar week is over and so, I return to normal life. Well, as normal as can be, when you’re part werewolf, part human and total half-breed either way.

This week, I present to you, that the New York Borough of Brooklyn is four hundred years old.

You go girl!

Yes Brooklyn is considered a girl borough. Not because it’s more full of women than men or anything like that. But because of the woman on the traditional Brooklyn flag. The woman who holds the faces, which represent the motto of “In Unity there is strength.”

So when it comes time to celebrate a birthday the community, knows how to turn on a block party for the entire borough for it’s Quadracentennial b’day. In fact, there’s a fair bit going on in terms of celebrating, now that Lunar week is over, the wider communities’ festivies will begin for a week. It’s also a reason to celebrate the werewolf, in particular, the Breukelen pack. History shows that Brooklyn is apparently, named after it’s sister town in Holland, Breukelen. However, the truth is a little different to what is publicly sprouted.

Of course, this is the problem with history, who’s ever writing it can write, whatever they want and hand that down. Power to distort the very truth you base your life on. The Breukelen werewolves originally came from Breukelen, Holland, along with four other werewolf packs. These packs would later become known by thier Americanised tribal names as the Braganza (Queens Pack), The Manhattan Maen (Manhattan Pack), The Jersey Pack (New Jersey) and the Brown Wolves (Bronx).

They were escaping an era that saw fear and paranoia seek them out and hunt them down to near extinction. The Breukelen, from Breukelen Holland, have been settled in Brooklyn, since Henry Hudson sailed into New York Harbour in 1609.

Why do you think we retain the name as our pack name?

Heritage must be handed down, remembered and honoured. I don’t know the full history of the Breukelen, it’s hard to imagine that anyone does anymore, as there isn’t much recorded on us. The elders in our pack have given us what they know, but most of them aren’t from the original Breukelen, Holland. They’re the third American generation Breukelen. So much gets lost when you have to be quiet. It’s like not talking about it (history) after a certain period of time, means your memory forgets to and then, you just forget. To pass it on, to hand it down, to keep it ALIVE.

Our pack is quite mixed and has been for a long time. Which in werewolf culture , is fairly uncommon. There is only one Breukelen family connection back to original Breuckelen ancestry left in our pack. So yeah, things get watered down. I mean, time progress and information gets lost and verbal communication becomes a hand me down, that gets distorted over personalities and memory function.

Safety concerns of times long past, when there was general survival to consider, add to that the oddity of being a werewolf…. ..People would hold on to information and bury it. Either physically or mentally, so it all became one and the same. Lost. We speculate a bit too about the gaps in our past that we can’t find information on. It’s hard not to. Before the Dutch arrived, there were the native Indians. From what I can figure out, the Breukelen befriended the Indians, who would have been more understanding in those times of something as spiritual as werewolves.

But those not of the Breukelen, or traveling with them but unaware of their “condition” would hardly have been so forgiving. Something happened to start the panic and then someone started to try and assimilate the werewolf gene, a practice ongoing for years, which was done to try and make it became recessive. An effort deliberately made to breed it/us out. Only the werewolf gene adapted and survived and that’s why you have modern day werewolves still existing.

But I’ve yet to find proof of this theory, and so I only voice it here in my blog. Again, it might be why the birth rate numbers remain low, too, possibly the gene is weaking and as it might have been hoped originally back in the 1600’s, that assimilation of the werewolf is finally taking it’s course.

The woman on the flag, which I’ve often looked at in the Borough Hall, still intrigues me. She was originally not designed to be seen as a profile side view. Rather she was more a third turned around to the viewer. So you got a kind of quarter view of her face and physique. History can be subjective, if you don’t exist in it. It’s easy enough to follow, but when you only come in half way through it, it makes the information around it, speculative at best. Interpretation is required to make a pattern of sense and a connection of fact. I’ve been collecting information on this woman on the flag. Because I think she resembles more than anything, Diana the Huntress.

I believe and am yet to prove, that Diana the Huntress has a connection to the werewolf. Personal project of mine.

In particular the Breukelen since she is on OUR Flag, bearing THE original 4 pack’s promise and creed to one another. “Een Draght Mackt Maght” which also seems to have been lessened over time with one another in the five boroughs. But even if this woman isn’t Diana the Huntress, she might just contain a connection, that we seek, to know our past. Of course, that doesn’t really cover me. I’m not a Breukelen by blood. Adopted half-breed and all.

Still, it’s something, for someone.


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