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I heart Brooklyn | September 8, 2009

Love should make the world go round.

But gravity pulls things down and into the circular motion that sweeps us along. Gravity is like love’s reality. Heavy, hard and slow. Progress can seem inevitable and yet, predictable once you figure it out, or have enough vision to see ahead of you.

You see, after awhile, to survive or progress through life, most people will figure out, that you need to band together with like-minded others. Even if one of them is a werewolf and the other is a human.

I think that’s the real reason the Breukelen should celebrate Brooklyn’s birthday this week. It must be comforting to be surrounded by what you want. Your beliefs reassured, your ways accepted, no wonder there are so many “gods” to do things in the name of or blame things on.

It’s all rather convenient isn’t it?

It’s a bit like why we seek out soul mates, pack partners and others to love. No matter what type of creature you are, we all have the same basic id drives. It’s how you’re made.Some of us are just furrier than others. The Breukelen pack are a mixed pack, we have half breeds, who have one parent from different pack lines, but they align themselves with the Breukelen.

Of course, you might think this is a natural progression from how things used to be. The ways of old, the only information I could find about the old ways of the Breukelen indicated that. The Breukelen of long ago thought to band together with the other packs and travel to New York with and live amongst the humans of New Breucklyn back in 1609.

So maybe hiding in plain sight, together, meant mixing up partnerships from the various packs for the purpose of survival of the species and all that. However, it looks like the other four packs, for some unknown reason, didn’t remain together in New Brecklyn, America. It’s not clear why the packs disbanded and went their separate ways.

Maybe the religious furor that had reigned over everyone in Europe for so long, was still around, even on this new land called New York. I mean back then, in the 1600’s the mentality of those seeking to convert all others to their one religion, and take over their land and rule people accordingly, was not so good. It was a kind of a “It’s better to burn the shit out of everything and destroy, than forgive or forget any kind of mistake.”

You can probably figure out what werewolves would have been considered to be in that world of limitations. Mistakes of man-kind! Abominations of god! The wicked creatures of the devil rising up! Rah, rah, rah!

Problem is, I can’t find any real information on that.

But I can tell you the old Breukelen would become the foundation for the current Breukelen pack.

And we’re still here.


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