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Pets vs Werewolves | September 15, 2009

Read an article the other day in the Huffington Post about werewolves not needing healthcare.

The article said there were really only two types of beneficiaries from the healthcare system – rich people who could afford it and werewolves, who didn’t need it.

Of course, the Huffington post article attracted some comments that had people asking where they could line up to become werewolves for the purpose or lack of affordability in having healthcare today.

To those people I say, being turned into a werewolf, probably isn’t quite as easiy as it might seem to be. The Huff might have made it seem clear cut, beneficial and straightforward. One less thing to worry about (healthcare) in life that you can’t afford, so just go be a supernatural being (werewolf) whose body regenerates quickly.

But if you’re not really ready for the life of what being a werewolf entails, then perhaps you should really weigh up the options of worthiness.

After all, there’s more to being a werewolf than just being furry for a few times a month and having accelerated healing qualities. You’d be completely naive to think there wasn’t more to it than that. Or that there wasn’t any downsides to being a werewolf.

For one, there’s the whole freaking animals thing out to consider. Werewolves are generally speaking, not pet owners. Because despite looking human 95% of the time, animals are far more attuned to us than most people think. They scent and sense us through our scents.

Once you’re a werewolf, you’re a damn werewolf!

Animals will smell the wolf in you and domestic animals, will look at you and see the humans that they are used to being around. This usually leads to bad reactions and quite often, animals attacking you.

No more pet cats or dogs for you. They don’t react well with werewolves.
Especially the cats!

Some dogs can deal, but not all. It becomes a very macho thing between you and the dog. And if you’re not a born Alpha, then the dog is going to know that and just constantly fight you all the time for dominance in your life. Talk about hassle.

So werewolves aren’t really pet owners, I mean, gold fish can deal cause they just swim around in their fish tanks all day. They don’t have enough of an attention span to remember that you’re a big scary mofo to them. They forget you’re a werewolf every 3 seconds after they remember it. Which could be stressful way to live, if they could remember that.

Birds are better of being out of cages and far from you. Much like cats, they don’t appreciate the sense of a werewolf (and being human size by comparison – a large one) being so close to them. Freaks them out and they go all, tweety pie, bird crazy. You might want to invest in headphones if you have decide to go the bird pet option.

So you see, quality of normal life, already comprised on a very basic level. Plus there’s other stuff, but you’ll just have to keep reading through my blog posts to find out about it, cause there’s a lot to go into.

Oh and to answer the question about how Nons become werewolves, its simple and completely painful. So again, if you’ve never been one to endure much pain, you really might want to think again about the whole “lifestyle” if you can call it that!

Becoming a werewolf is kind of like one of those, ONCE, in a lifetime things that happen.

Then it becomes your lifetime.


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