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The way he moves me | September 18, 2009

You know there is something to be said for the way a man’s body moves.

I got hypnotized watching Conall’s. He was on an exercise bike, not that he needs the exercise. Another health benefit” of being a werewolf, you do tend to have a nice burn up rate on the metabolism scale. His chest was glistening with a light sheen over it and his arms, defined by silhouette. I couldn’t make out on his face, wether he was hot, concentrating, lost in thought or angry.

Yes the man does angry nude, semi nude sometimes. I think he does it to try and disarm me or diffuse a situation. It works. Why wouldn’t it? I’m easily distracted by his bod.

I think he uses physical exercise as a way to let out aggression in a “healthy” way. He also has a punching bag set up in his garage which he can be found kickboxing on at times. He might have been stressed, or just working off extra energy. But hey, he could’ve come to me for that, also. Which again makes me wonder why the exercise bike.

I didn’t know if he knew I was there. Conall was so quiet and focused on working out. I was wondering what was going through that brain of his, to cause such introspection, by the look on his face.

The room was dark and I was sitting, very quietly and still, in a armchair in the dark just watching him work out.

The only light coming in was from the night outside and it was all half shadows and nocturnal moon light. His grey sweat pants were hung low, exposing his hip bones.

I watched the movement of his legs peddle the bike’s wheels, I got engrossed in the definition of the lines around his hip bones. Add the smooth sheen of a light sweat on that and I was biting my lip from moaning. It was highly erotic and he wasn’t doing a thing to me, physically. He was just working out and I was just checking him out.

Playing voyeur on my own boyfriend.

Those hips and the way they kept moving, had me in a trance and at one point, I was holding my breath, watching his lower abdominal muscles move and tweak against his skin as he rode. Small darkened stains of sweat soaked through the waist band of his sweat pants and my eyes slowly, took their leisurely time, travelling up over the rest of his muscled body.

Conall’s got a great medium build. It’s not too muscularly and big and it’s not whimpy and undefined.

I felt my face flush and get hot and just as my eyes made their way to his face he looked over in my direction, at the darkened corner in the unlit room. I was biting my lip between my teeth, staring hungrily at him. I hadn’t made a sound.
And I hadn’t moved and I was beginning to want to.

He smiled back at me, slid off the bike and strode over, like he knew exactly what I wanted.

His body was taunt, and confident, he gazed upon me with heat in his eyes.
“How long have you been there?”

Clearly something had been on his mind, his focus on that, rather than his surrounds if he hadn’t heard, scented or seen me until now. Werewolves have excellent night vision, heightened hearing and we can scent almost anything. But of course if you’re not using them, focused on using them…then…I guess uh, he wouldn’t have seen me.

I tilted my head to the side and shrugged my shoulders loosely. Suddenly the heat in my face was burning and my voice was gone, dried up in my throat.

He nodded his head in return, like he understood my lack of communication. It was more likely he could see the affect he was having on me, just by the way I was acting, holding my body so tight and still. Like it needed to be let loose, to unwind with him, on him.

“Do you like what you see?”
Conall’s voice was low and full of warmth.

Talk about feeling like having a run in for the first time with his male hotness! I gulped down a vat of syliva that felt hard in my throat. I just nodded my head again. He let out a low laugh and put his hands on those hips and I think I may have gasped a little.

How pathetic.

“Would you like to see more?” He asked me, hooking his thumbs under the waist band of his sweat pants.

It was a taunt, like he knew exactly what he was doing and what was turning me on about him. The pants stayed exactly where they were, hiding half of him from me. Allowing me to watch the rest.


I nodded my head again silently.
He smirked down at me and said “Then follow me.” He walked out of the room, leading the way, with me following.


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