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The Consequences of Instinct | September 20, 2009

So it turns out, Conall’s worried about me, well not about me as such but for me.

I told him about the mugging incident. If the expletive driven response that came from him wasn’t enough to tell me he was stressed about it, then seeing him on that exercise bike sure was. Turns out, that’s what was on his mind. Like I said he wasn’t worried about me but for me.

The consequences of infecting a non are severe. Really severe. They have to be otherwise, where would the werewolf structure of today’s packs be? There wouldn’t be any. We’d all be wild monsters who have no idea of control or concept of consequences.

The thing the movies don’t tell you about werewolves attacking human’s is the why.

It’s always been assumed when in werewolf form, we lack control over the animal urge inside us. I don’t believe this entirely.

Having structure, a routine during lunar weeks, definitely helps dispel that myth.

It’s a common thought, if not a misconception, that the animal part of us, the werewolf is a feral beast, the most baser parts of our being and that it just despises all that his human. That some part of it wants to take down that reminder. It gets filled with the rage of the hunt and it attacks human beings at will.

In all our years of evolution, humans and werewolves alike, I’d like to think we’ve progressed further down the chain of thought than that.

But who knows?

More and more often you get proven wrong with these theories. I mean take me, I get mugged and I instead of running away, I stay and fight off my attacker.

Who knew I had it in me? – my werewolf, that’s who.

That’s why she made me fight. There was a small part of me that knew I could defeat the creep. So I tried. Of course we all know how that ended.

I have an appointment with the dentist, this week.

Both my sister Bodil and Conall are unsure if I could have infected the mugger in human form. They both tend to think it’s not really possible, only because they’ve never heard of it happening before.

Of course, that’s not to say it hasn’t happened before and just never been reported and spoken about widely. I mean, why would you openly let the greater werewolf community know about something like that? Perhaps to prevent further situations arising, would be the only answer I can come up with.

But not all werewolf packs care for others. Most packs do tend to have a self-involved mentality about them.

It’s a bit like those kids that found “Gollum” in Panama recently. The creature started crawling over rocks towards them, so what did they do? Rather than run away, which they could have easily done and fast, they stayed and threw rocks at the creature until they killed it.


Fear most likely, but did they have to kill it, of course not.

Where they aware they were going to kill it, probably not. Although it’s hard to imagine at a certain point in there rock throwing that they couldn’t see how injured they made the creature and surely, stopped it moving.

But these things happen because of instant, gut reactions. Fear held them in place. And some sense of self-defence made them pick up the rocks to fight it the Gollum creature, which by all accounts, is probably just a skinless sloth. For what little I know of sloths, I do know one thing; they don’t hold the record for land speed. So Gollum was hardly a threat to them.

Unlike say, my mugger. He in human form was a threat to me, plus he had a weapon drawn on me in the form of a very shiny knife, which might have been made of tin, or steel, but glistened silver at me.

So yeah, there was more of a threat to my encounter with him. But I should have been more aware of my instinct, correction, my werewolf’s instinct to tear into his flesh. To bite him.

Potentially my bite could be as fatal, as those kid’s rocks to Gollum. Only unlike those kids, I have no excuse for it really.

Self-defence isn’t enough, given, the better option probably would’ve been not to be the strong girl hero type, as my father might say.
That was, if he knew.

Nope, still haven’t had the guts to tell him yet. Working on it.
Okay I’m not, but I’ll get there eventually.

I always do the right thing, okay most of the time I do.

Like ninety-nine percent of the time.

It’s just, when your father is also your pack Alpha, it’s scarier.

After all, he has a responsibility not only to me, but also to the whole Breukelen Pack. Once I tell him, he has to confer with his lieutenants and various other elders in the pack to figure out what my punishment should be.

He has to uphold pack lore.
It’s his job as Breukelen Alpha.

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