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Hope So | September 22, 2009

Aimee and I were trying to work through my avoidance issues over some cocktails at Ava Penthouse.

Well not so much working on the avoidance issues as more about the how to solve the problem that that is my possible….what we call that? If I were a vampire he’d be my sire, werewolves don’t have such a term for turning a Non.

I’d say my legacy but that sounds fairly horrible considering, legacy should mean, good things and what I did, was a very bad thing. Potentially deadly thing.

I could have fucked this guys life up royally by biting him. Of course, since he’s already going around mugging people for their handbags and iPods, then I’m guessing his life might already be on the road to fucked-up ville, without my help. Still, there’s no need to make a fucked up situation worse for someone right?

Let’s just call him, Vargr, it’s old Norse word for outlaw which also roughly translates down to wolf. Which essentially as a criminal and a potential Lycan, my mugger/Vargr is.

So there we are, sitting up at the bar, wracking our brains on what I should do, trying to figure out this predicament I’ve got myself into, when who walks in, but Paris, Booker’s friend who I met at Hotel le Bleu a while ago.

I kind of had one of those moments where everything stops and you forgot what your saying or even, that your speaking. I forgot that we, I, had a problem that Aimee was kindly trying to help me solve. Because all I could focus on was Paris, as he strode over towards the bar.

Paris is rather magnificent. He has a presence about him.

Maybe it was the charcoal grey, corporate suit that had me so distracted by him. It looked good, very good. He filled it out well. Broad shoulders, tall, totally handsome with a slight tan to his skin. A bit of stubble across his jaw and beautiful midnight blue eyes that honed in on me. I felt a heat wave wash over me, from under his gaze.

Guess it might have been hard to miss me, since I was staring at him so hard. Possibly drooling too. I mean, I’m sure my mouth was open. Also, there was a high possibility that I was panting. Aimee nudged me out of my haze and I managed to blink back into reality in time to see he was really heading over to us, sitting at the bar. Maybe he was going to wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth, that he was the cause of.

He nodded his head at us and looked from me to Aimee. I swear my heart beat picked up like a crazy, little marching parade inside me.
“Evening ladies.”

Aimee smiled at him and nodded her head. I just kept smiliing.
He looked back down at me. I swear his eyes darkened, and there was a glint of mischief in them.

“Fancy running into you here.” I tried for cool, casual, cheeky, when actually what I felt like was a dork in front of him. He’s older than me.

“I could fancy that, a lot more often.” He murmured in a low voice with a smile, signaling the bar tender over. “Can I get you ladies another drink?” He ordered something for himself and looked back at me.
I should’ve said no for so many reasons. But I said yes. Mainly because Aimee was kicking me, ever so sneakily, in the ankle. On Purpose. She would’ve hobbled me if I’d said no.

He ordered us another cocktail.
“What brings you over this side of town?”

I had to speak. Coherently.
“Ugh, Aimee works over this way, so we thought we’d catch up.”

He nodded his head and kept looking at me. Aimee not so discreetly excused herself from us, while she supposedly went to the ladies room.

Paris is so hot.
Oh my god! What is wrong with me? Must be the suit.
Love a man in a suit. It’s classic, stylish, sexy and hot!

“It’s good to see you again.”

All I could do momentairy was nod my head in return. The man is so hot. Really hot on the eyes.
Then I remembered my manners.
“Thank you for the drink.”

“Your welcome.”

Just as I was about to open my mouth and try speaking to him on a social level, without being a complete dork, a group of guys walked in, talking and laughing loudly. We both looked over at the suits who signaled to Paris to join them.

“You’re colleagues?” I asked looking back at him.

He looked over my shoulder at Aimee re-appearing and back at me. He hesitated, like he didn’t want to go, but had to. Prior engagements, what a mood killer.

“I’ll see you around.” He said flashing me a brilliant smile, before heading over to the suits on the other side of the room.

I may have happened to check out his fine form in that suit as he walked away and let my eyes linger over his terrifically taunt derrière.
“Hope so.”


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