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Metallica – Of Wolf and Man

October 26, 2009
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This is going on my Halloween play list…

Once upon a long ago…

October 23, 2009
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I got sent a link to the Wolfman trailer by @booklover73 on Twitter and it got me thinking about the tale of The Wolfman I was told as a child.

Since it’s almost Halloween seems appropriate to share it, so gather round gentle readers, and read along to this dark tale.

Once upon a long ago, there was a land in chaos.

In the United Provinces of the Spanish Netherlands the king of the land, was not pleased with his kingdom. He believed to rule his kingdom properly, everyone must follow his rule under, his god. He wanted the people of the provinces to have one god only.

The people of the seven provinces had always lived good lives. But when they told the king they did not wish to follow his god, they made him mad. The King formed armies of men in silver who were dispatched to make the people, listen to his decree. When they did not, they often met with death at the end of a sword, or were hung.

The people lived in fear of the kings silver men.

The men in silver were many, and always travelled as large groups on horseback. They carried swords, and they never left a village standing. Their arrival always signaled that death would follow to those who opposed the king.

But there was one village the silver men came to, that history would prove, to be different to the others they had conquered.

In the province of Uterecht, most of the villages had heard of the warring these men were bringing across the lands. A man named William, had spoken to them, told them of what it meant to fight the kings’ rule. William formed many friends, who rode with him across the provinces spreading the word of what was coming to those who did not do as they king wished.

The villagers of Maarssen, knew they could save their own village if they sought the council of their neighbors the Breukelen for help. They knew it would not be long before the silver men visited the town and burned their houses for not following the King’s decree of one god for all.

The village of Breukelen was also a small village, filled with families, farmers, blacksmiths and women who made the finest patterned materials of silk and wool. They like the Maarssen were a happy village, who were happy to live their lives from day to day, doing as they always had.

After speaking to the elders from Maarssen they decided the best way to save their villages from ruin and keep their people alive was to join their defenses.

The war of the silver men, was always moving closer to them, every day.

Together they sought out their surrounding neighbors for help in protecting the lands they lived on and their people.

They formed groups of messengers. Each group with a member from the Maarssen and the Breukelen was told to ride to a village and seek their support for the war.

The villages were spread wide and far.

The evening two of the messengers reached a village, but it was already too late.

Every house in the village burned. Bodies lay slain in the streets and pierced through pitchforks as a warning to those who rode through, of the might of the kingdom’s silver men.

Flames burned crops of wheat. The night sky was so blackened from the smoke of many fires, that the stars could not be seen for three whole nights. Instead of sunlight for those three days, ash rained down from the darkened sky.

Few animals managed to escape being slaughtered. Horses ran scared through cobblestone streets. The cattle of farmyard animals, whined so loudly that it was said the messengers thought they were crying and screaming at the same time, as they stampeded the nearby lands in confussion.

But one man, was found alive in the village.

On his knees, he wept.

He wore a fur across his shoulders, and a helmet with a wolf’s head on it. He held a younger man, in his arms, his eyes closed, blood staining his clothes.

“He was my brother.” The Beserker told the messengers.
“He fought the soldiers. He tried to stop them from coming into our village. We are peaceful he told them. We have artists here. Artists do not need to seek god or war. We have taverns with mead that you will be given all night. Beds for you to rest in as long as you need. But the soldiers did not care. I could not get to him, before they drew their swords and cut him down. A woman screamed and then they began burning our homes, killing our people.”

The messengers listened to the weeping Beserker. They offered to help the Beserker bury his brother, so he could be at rest. The Beserker, was so angry by the thought of parting from his brother, he yelled at the messengers:

“I will ruin the fires of the one god and king in blood and love. When the moon is next full, I shall walk amongst those who seek to destroy us as a man. By nightfall they will only see the beast of their creation, an animal that abhors mankind, and only seeks to fuel his revenge through their death. I will tear them apart with my teeth and cut open their flesh. I curse their life if it can not be this way for them as it is for me!”

The messengers, tried to help calm him down. But he would not be parted from his dead brother nor listen to the messengers who told him to join their cause. The Messengers realized there was nothing further they could do and left.

It is said that after three nights of falling ash from the sky the darkened smoke cleared and the full moon was able to be seen.

The messengers continued to form their alliances with the villages, and fight the silver men’s armies. Reports came in from far and wide of a lone creature, not unlike a wolf but some said more like a man, seeking out only the silver men and those they protected under the king’s rule. These people would be found dead, their throats torn, their hearts missing, with only claw and teeth marks on them. It was often said that wild animals, wolves in particular had attacked them.

But those two messengers always thought that this was the Besersker’s curse to carry as the Wolfman, forever seeking his vengeance, yet never satisfied.

She Wolf

October 19, 2009
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S.O.S. she’s in disguise
There’s a she wolf in disguise
Coming out, coming out, coming out
A domesticated girl that’s all you ask of me
Darling it is no joke, this is lycanthropy – She Wolf, Shakira.

I saw a website that said “what’s hotter than werewolves”?
Fair question, after all, we are damn hot if I do say so myself.

The answer was “Shakira werewolves.”

As in the Colombian pop singer, Shakira. Yes she of the odd little pop songs with such lines as “my breasts are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains, or my hips don’t lie.”
Catchy songs, odd lyrics.
Shakira is hot.
I’d add her to my girl crush collection.

But I doubt she’s a werewolf who’s so openly, singing about werewolves in her song She Wolf.
Although maybe she’s taking the hide in plain sight approach rather than deny everything. But I doubt it.

After all, I watched the video clip which is a vague attempt at some sort of female, empowerment song. Possibly through what else but ‘female sexuality'(is that all the female video pop race ever has to offer us??). The video is something like madonna’s hung up video mashed up with Beyonce’s single ladies leotard and throw in a go go cage for good measure.

First of all She Wolf Shakira, we – female she wolfs, do not cage ourselves. At least I don’t. Especially during full moon or >lunar week .

Werewolves generally only tend to cage themselves if they feel they may loose control of a shift and turn feral when they hit wolf form. Or if they’re being punished by the pack for something. See the whole nightclub scene helps with the shape shifting atmosphere, we find ourselves immersed in, kind of take care of that process. Keeps us calm as it were.

Certain clubs, have rooms, places that are a bit like a hotel as it were, that are available for the werewolf crowd during lunar weeks. These places are not luxury hotel rooms, actually they’re rather sparse. Basic but clean and strong and nice enough if you don’t need the luxuries. There’s usually a king size bed on one side of the room, an en-suite and that’s about it. So should a wolf get caught short, too close to a shift to leave a club, or maybe they don’t want to leave the club in time, they can book the room for the night.

What would the point be to putting us in a hotel room? You see a shift can be rather, well what’s the best word to describe this…volatile? If you’re alone when you shape shift it’s not like the movies where you drop to your hands and knees and stay still in one place and scream. You move, thrash, rock and shake. Your body spasms automatically and jerks you about. So there’s a fair bit of movement happening when a shape shift kicks in. It’s easier and smoother when you’re with other werewolves and less prone to coming too and destroying a room on sight.

It’s kind of like sensory memory – if you have a routine, that you stick to, your werewolf gets used to it too. You figure out what works for you and it becomes your religion. Because there is no worse feeling than lack of control. It’s like having all sense of freedom taken from you. Because you can’t be you in which ever form you find yourself in.

It’s interesting though that Shakira chose a “she wolf” however to be her songs darling. Makes me wonder if she thinks all werewolf females are so domestically docile as her songs suggests. Because really, not the case.

Werewolves have adapted to being urban creatures. So finding ourselves in an urban environment, like a nightclub room or a house, is common place enough now. Once upon a long ago time, there would have been werewolves who expected forests and landscape to sense as they came too. But now, you’re talking about a few generation that have conditioned they’re werewolves to accept and expect an urban landscape as they’re natural ground to be in.

Oh and what’s with the “coming out, coming out, coming out” lyrics in the song? Am I supposed to gather it’s about the woman deciding to be herself? Or is Shakira talking about the “werewolf rainbow connection”?

Cause that is a whole other deal of scene for another blog post, people!


Suburban Mystery

October 15, 2009
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Funny thing happened on the way to the mall.

Well not ha ha funny.

But you know, something ‘unique’ happens, something out of the ordinary and you just get all these little thoughts sparking in your head and you know you just wouldn’t get them for no real reason at all…yeah, well if that makes sense, then so will this..

I was roller skating down the street when I saw something on the ground. Natch, I braked before it, intending to bend down and pick up the silver object on the sidewalk.

Only a guy, in front of me, coming from the opposite direction, whom I think I may have momentarily startled by my sudden breaking, right in front of him, did it for me.

We stood separated by about four inches of space.

The startled surprise look swept over and off his face and he looked down, at first, I thought at my groover-licious new skates, (have to wear them in a bit) and then I realized he’d seen the same small object of shiny joy on the sidewalk that I had. I think only, maybe he thought I’d dropped it in my sudden haste to break before it.

Funny how you can stop on a dime when you know how to. Ha ha.

He reached down and picked up the well and truly flattened coin. He held it out before himself, between us in his flat open palmed hand. We both looked at it. Wasn’t a dime. It was a quarter.

What’s that saying? Find a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.

He looked from the quarter to me and nodded his head, moving his hand further towards me. He hadn’t said a word at this stage. Then again, neither had I. I smiled at him thinking what a nice guy, he wants to give me what by finders rights, should be his luck for the day.

Besides, judging by his smell (mostly of the stinky uncleaned human variety) and slightly rough, unkempt attire, I’d say he could’ve done with the quarter more than me.

I nodded my head at him, and looked from the coin to him again. He smiled back at me and I picked up the coin from him.

He nodded his brunette head again, quietly, still not saying a word and he moved to the right, I moved to the left and we went around each other. Back on our way to wherever the other one wasn’t going.

I turned in a semi circle to skate backwards briefly, looking back at my silent citizen, when I noticed the back of his jacket. I swear my mouth dropped open.

It had a wolfman design on it.

Like the T-shirt I’d bought awhile ago at the Noho flea market.

I skated back towards him, because curiosity had a grip on me. It’s a bit of suburban mystery this wolfman thing (Fast becoming my obsession)

You see, this wolfman design in New York, it’s not terribly common and yet it just pops up at different places and something about it makes you notice it. Well, I keep noticing it, out of all the street art around. It’s like I now have this uncanny ability to spot this wolfman design whenever I’m out amongst any busy wall of grafitti. Probably cause my mind goes looking for it!


This got me thinking, I mean, I think I’ve only ever seen it, in areas populated or frequented by werewolves. I don’t know that any of my friends have seen it firsthand. I mean, I know people who’ve talked about the wolfman and the mythos around who might be doing this graffiti art and why. I remember hearing conversations about it, but it’s like I’m the only person I know out of my circle of friends who’s actually seen this design. Or is that just because I pay more attention to my surrounds than my fellow packmates?

So is the wolfman symbol a friendly, yet silent bit of advice to Nons?
A warning of what to look out for?
Or just art?
Someone building a neighbourhood name for themselves?
Someone trying to do some sort of “viral”promo for that movie that’s due out soon of..yeah, you guessed it..The Wolfman. Studios would try for that street cred. Hmmm…

This design looked like the one on my t-shirt.
Actually it looked exactly like stencil street art. Like an earlier version of my t-shirt because it was all monochrome in white. But you could still make out exactly what it was an image of. No signature, no tag, no name or writing on it.

You know, like someone has cut out a stencil of the wolfman, walked up behind this poor dude, who lets be honest, looked a little homeless, and spray painted it on the back of his only jacket.

Just as my silent good luck buddy was about to turn around, I stopped and sped back off the way I’d been heading. I mean what was I going to do? Freak out the nice homeless guy who’d given me the lucky coin? Cause I was curious over some vandalism on his jacket. That maybe he didn’t even know was on the back of his jacket, or maybe he did and it didn’t bother him.

He’d probably think I was mugging him for the jacket! Because I was already roller-stalking him!

Imagine if they did

October 12, 2009
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About the same time I started this blog, in June this year, NASA started a program called LCross (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satillite) to search for water on the Moon. How does this work?
On June 18th, mankind, Americans in fact, literally bombed the moon.

Yes the moon.

The one and only Moon that orbits our Planet Earth. You know the one, the one that helps Earth maintain it’s gravity and therefore, life on Earth. We bombed it. Essentially we dug a really big hole into the thing that helps our planet function. We fucked with the safetynet of our world.

As reported in USA Today on the 10th October 2009, Peter Schultz of Brown University said “We just slammed something the size of a school bus into the moon going really fast. It was a lunar encounter of the hardest kind,”

Should I feel proud about this destructive achievement Peter?
Should I be as excited as you seem to be with your words?

Apparently slamming something, at over 6,000 Miles per hour into the surface of the moon has become acceptable for the survival, it might seem, for human kind.

But what about the werewolves of the world?

There is no denying that to the werewolf culture, the moon is a very important element.
It’s highly regarded because of it’s entanglement to us. Hello! It literally controls our whole being.

So it concerns me, that without regard for this part of the population, scientists and government seem to think it’s okay to fulfill their curiosity by ruining and interfering with something they should not. That means more to me and my kind, than it could, ever, to them. I wonder how they’d feel if they were as affected by the moon each month as me and my kind are.

So far, they haven’t done any “bombing” on a lunar week, but give them the chance and I’m sure the experiments will start. Imagine if they did. Would it be a bit like that new TV show Flash Forward. See how many of us drop like flys or have some weird freak out because of their interference with a connection to our life source?

Mankind is so determined to outdo itself with its all conquering nature, that often we overlook the potential for devastation and the repercussions of our “greatness” especially over inanimate objects like mountains, rocks and now the Moon. These visions of greatness get so overlooked that we fail to see how we could go wrong and where we did. I mean, it’s not like the moon can fight back?

Have I felt any side affects or repercussions from this attack on the Moon?
No. Not yet.

Probably because as Mr Schultz from Brown University told USA today “The LCROSS impact produced a crater five times smaller than a football field “.

Oh great, its still a VERY LARGE DENT to make when messing with natural forces you shouldn’t be touching! No wonder the world is supposed to end in 2012 – we’re ramming the moon in 2009! Give us time to destroy ourselves!

I mean, it’s like experimenting with a life source here. What would happen if NASA managed to make a big crater on the moon? Or crack the moon’s crust and make unstable? How much more blasting can they do, before the werewolf population starts to feel different? Before we drop off like flies?

Do they even care?
I think the obvious answer to that last question is no they don’t care about this minority group of humans and how we will be affected if they continue to “bomb” the moon as such. Why would they unless they had a personal connection to any of us?

Maybe they see it as a way to get rid of us. Genocide without having to own up to it? After all, not everybody believes Werewolves exist. Yet perhaps if the government know we do and see us as a threat, well it could be considered the perfect way to attack us, without, actually attacking us. Not that I believe we’ve ever done anything to them that could be seen as a threat. Their moon bombing is deviously clever, really.

I believe, the moon, like the region of Antarctica, should remain the only free zones in the universe that belong to no country and to everybody. Which means, we should treat them with respect and understanding. Not actions of violence under the misguided notion that we’re doing it for “the greater good.” They say they’re looking for water, maybe they are, and if they happen to wipe out Earth’s werewolf population, for no reason at all, they’ll just call that a big fat bonus.

Wolf Awareness Week

October 11, 2009
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This week is National Wolf Awareness Week , a time to dispel misconceptions about wolves and to encourage conservation efforts of wild wolves.

So in hope of bettering human relations for werewolf and wild wolf conservation, I am going to do my part and dispel some misconceptions as I know them, from my own knowledge and experiences as a Breukelen werewolf.

1. Are a werewolf and a Lycan are the same thing?

If you are classified as a werewolf, it is because you were born a werewolf.

If you are called a Lycan, it is because you were bit by a werewolf and infected with Lycanthropy and got changed into a werewolf. Although most Lycans refer to themselves as werewolves, this is not technically correct, especially since Lycans do not live in werewolf pack structured communities.

2. Do all Werewolves come from Europe?
You mean the “mother country”?

I’m not a representative of the entire planet’s werewolf population, so its hard to say. But we are a very ancient race.

3. Are Werewovles the natural enemy of the vampire?
As a girlfriend of my once said to a boy “Get your hand off it”
and stop reading those Stephanie Meyer books.
As stated before on this blog, I don’t even know if vampires exist – never met one face to face.

4. Werewolves can only change under the light of a full moon.

Werewolves are affected by the lunar /moon cycles and are in fact affected for a week.

Some werewolves will be unable to not shape shift for the whole week. However not all werewolves are affected every night.

Alpha werewolves only need to shift on the night of full moon, like all werewolves.

We are also able to shape shift, on demand as it were. Most Werewolves can do this themselves, whenever needed.

5. Do Werewovles turn into vampires after death?
What is with the vamp theme-song? No.
Werewolves just like anything else (except the undead) die.

Whatever form they are in they die in.

6. Females who are about to shape shift to werewolf form are able to do so because they are either witches, or because of magic.

Are you calling me a witch or a bitch?

If you can shape shift to werewolf form, it is because you were born with the gene to do so, or because you were bit.

See point no 1.

7. Who let the dogs out?
Presumably the Baha men.
Ps. Don’t EVER call a werewolf a dog….Unless you want to be pummeled into oblivion.

8. Why are there no great werewolves in pop culture TV/Movies like they are with Vampires?

Choose your own answer:
1. We’re not glory hounds who are as vain as Vamps.
2. Five words for you – Taylor Lautner, Twilight New Moon
3. Followed by another five – Oz, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
4. Followed by another five – Michael J Fox, Teen Wolf.

9. Werewolves will revert back to their human form by sunrise
Hmm, hard to say.
As the Mythbusters might say, “Plausible.”

Most werewolves hold werewolf form for several hours, usually anywhere from five to seven hours. So it depends on what time they shapeshifted. It’s not like sunrise is an automatic alarm clock that reverts us back.

10. Does being a werewolf mean you’re cursed?
Okay now someone has been watching too much Angel on TV. ( Again the close association of the two uber monsters) No curses to get a werewolf form. Born this way, remember?

See point 1.

11. Does a silver bullet kill a werewolf?
I’m guessing a bullet would kill anyone or anything if aimed correctly. Like I’m going to give you answer on that one! Do I have “naive” and “stupid” tattooed across my forehead?

12. Is a female werewolf called a “Bitch”?
We call each other bitches, but not because we are werewolves.

From my kind to hers – a heart felt rant

October 9, 2009
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Warning: it had to happen eventually and now it has. Read on at your own peril.
It’s my blog, I’ll bitch if I want to.

Are you kidding me? Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series of teen emo books, was put up for nomination of the literary world’s highest honour – The Nobel Prize for literature? Or am I just reading that article wrong? God I hope so.

I’m speechless.

Actually I’m not. I’m just incensed that this could have been the case! Ever!

Congratulations must first go to the winner – Herta Mueller who was persecuted for her writing under Romanian’s communist regime. I could not be happier that you won. That this prestigious honor /prize retains dignity and above all us, a high standard! Well done Herta.

It’s one thing to be a popular author as Stephanie Meyer is – we get it, she created a craze around her works of fiction and got rich in the making. Built up hype and a strong fan base, but popular fiction writing versus authors who have actually written worthwhile, eye opening commentaries, and stories of life experiences that do not get made into glamorized, Hollywood movies that sell based on pretty pictures of a vague Hollywood actor on the cover of a book…come on!

Some perspective please!
World stories need to be recorded and told as much as popular bullshit fiction (of which I read plenty).

I’m glad that the Nobel Prize for Literature has retained this ideal or awarding social commentary and trying to correct political wrongs, through acknowledgement of authors such as Herta Mueller. Some one has to. It May as well be someone in a high position of respect such as those on this award panel.

Stephanie Meyer’s books are popular and adored by teens, tweens that they are actually marketed too. Kudos to her for hitting her mass market correctly. But the whole “obsession” over the twilight world, and in particular it’s leads, Edward and Bella is insanely mystifying to me. Especially with the movies which are no academy award winning performances.

Hello, can you say wooden? – hand me a stake! Now!

The fact that grown women coo like love struck teenagers of the “teenage” male lead in these stories and even the young actor who portrays him on screen, is so disturbing, all I can think is wrong, wrong, wrong. Predatory behavior on a scale of wrongness I don’t even want to touch.

But what really incenses me about Stephanie Meyer being put in the same category even for an article on the The Nobel Prize in Literature as Herta Mueller is her body of work – the Twilight series of books.

No I don’t mind stories on vampires and werewolves and all that (um, hello, have you not noticed the title of my said blog?) That’s not the problem. The problem is greater than ripping of a concept already created by Joss Whedon (human high school girl falls in love with an age old vampire – Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and adored by millions for the last fifteen years or so. No the problem is greater than that.

The main female lead is a weak, whimpy girl who must wait for her man, who will do anything for her man, who just wants to be with her man. Sounds less like romance and more like a “girls place in the world is by her man’s side” bullshit mantra. Don’t be an a woman who knows the difference between romance, relationship and servitude. Couldn’t possibly have that! In Stephanie Meyer’s world, girl-power seems like a dead and definetly buried concept.

Don’t even get me started on the date rape theme and the whole 1950’s housewife syndrome that is in this book and mass marketed to impressionable teenage girls who are yet to develop a sense of self, let alone an understanding of a broader world than beyond one of “home life.”

Well this werewolf won’t be reading Ms Meyer’s crappy trash any time soon! It would be insulting to my own kind from what I know and understand of the “imprinting” in her books on werewolves.

Just UGH!

At Play

October 8, 2009
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We were playing a few nights ago. It was more than fun.

It was…involved.

I decided to meet Conall at Burning Ground rather than have him come and get me as usual.

I walked in and I swear I heard him hold his breath for a second.
Which is good, really, because I was going to some effort for an effect as it were. His eyes connected with mine and I smirked before looking away. Like I hadn’t really seen him, like I was actually looking around, for someone else.

I kept walking as I pretended he wasn’t there, staring at me. His eyes running over the shiny, red, patent heels I was wearing, up along my black fishnet stockings. Blocking most of me with my highly fashionable overcoat.

I almost laughed as I walked past him, where he was standing around with other people. Most of whom I didn’t recognize. As I slowly untied the belt around my waist and slid my coat off my shoulders. I walked to the coat room and deposited the coat. Ensuring my heels tapped loudly along the floor, echoing my confidence as I kept ignoring Conall. Giving him, now, only a view from behind.

I was wearing a short enough, black dress to taunt him.

I went to the bar, it was at least three deep. A busy night, the crowd were eager and full, the music was loud and pumping. You could feel the bass reverb through the floor up into you. Connecting you instantly with a beat, as if your body need further rhythm pounding it’s senses. Making you even more restless than you already are for the nights festivities to truly begin.

I was waiting in the crowd, amongst them, surrounded by warm bodies, smelling a mixture of musk, cinnamon, spice and all manner of delicious flavors when I was pushed into, bumped from behind. I turned my head to look over my shoulder around the same time he pressed his hardening groin into my bottom.

Conall murmured at me.
“Just keep looking ahead, like your actually waiting to be served a drink.”
So I turned my attention back to the bar.

I felt the press of his fly seam of his jeans against me. His chest pressed up against my back. Hard, heated up. His right hand slipped around the top of my thigh, as people around us continued to stand in a crush, waiting to be served. Trying to capture the bar attendant’s attention.

Conall’s hand snaked around under the front of my dress.
I bite back a strangled gasp.

He was looking over my shoulder at the bar. As if he was any other patron just wanting a drink. “You’re going to be lucky if I don’t do you here and now.”

“You call that lucky?” I muttered through smiling teeth, watching the movement of the bar attendant and trying to open up my leg stance more in the space I was in, unsuccessfully.

He would have replied, only then the bar attendant finished serving the people in front of us and looked up at us both, expectantly. Like he, was on a schedule.

Conall pressed harder into me and leaned right over my shoulder at the same time, holding up his free left hand with money in it and yelling a drinks order at the bar attendant who nodded his head at us, to indicate he understood.

“I’m gonna be generous. I know how much you love the club scene during lunar week. You just got here, but you had me waiting for an hour. Then you walk in like you own the joint and everyone should bow down to you…Your making me harder every second. I’ve ordered you a drink. You get to have your drink, and then I get to have you.”

I would have responded but it was difficult to think beyond his touch even amongst the crowd we were engulfed in. Breathing normally and trying not to looked flush, was hard enough as it were.

He pulled back when the drinks were placed in front of us. The sudden loss of his body heat and connection was instantly maddening. I could’ve hit him. Probably should have. Prick tease.

I pushed my way back through the throng of the crowd to him, as he turned, smiled and handed me my drink. Conall raised his beer bottle to my champagne glass. His eyes ran over my outfit again and he said “With the heels and fishnets on.”

Best part of Lunar Week

October 4, 2009
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Burning Ground is an interesting club. It gets quite a mixed audience during Lunar Week. Where as The Reflex is for the younger crowd, and Disco and Rhyme is more my sister and her friends crowd and their nostalgia over the 1980’s music scene, Burning Ground is neither. Or rather, it could be both.

Everyone goes there, there’s no specific age group or music type or look to it. Which I’ve always found quite fascinating. It’s kind of like, anything goes is the golden rule there.

So second night of Lunar Week and that’s where Conall and I decide to be. You see, we don’t necessarily lock ourselves in our houses when Lunar Week starts up each month.

What would the point to that be?
We’d probably destroy everything in the house, in the process of shifting or coming to, in werewolf form.

The clubs are like foreplay for werewolves.
We’re all riding a wave of sexual wants, needs, desires and fantasies during Lunar Week. So we start our evenings off at the clubs, not so much to get us in the mood for sorting out those sexual needs. Rather for heightening all that sexual tension that we carry around with us, in the daylight hours of Lunar Week.

A pack atmosphere filled with heightened werewolf pheromones, it’s like we all use one another in there. Of course, all the dancing, sweating, grinding, rubbing against one another, adds to that desire, till you can feel it dripping down your skin. The sweat of sex, seeping further into you until you really can’t take no more, at least, publicly.

Although this is not always the case.

Sometimes you need to go with just how you feel.

A darkened corner in the club, and everyone is too busy doing their own thing to notice you and yours.

Eyes close briefly as a tongue licks up the side of my neck. His teeth sink into the back of my neck. He’s in no mood to wait and be restrained. He’s been patient enough all day. Going about normal life, working, doing the daily routine until he could be himself at night, with me, in Burning Ground. Till he could get me here to do just this. What he wants.

He wants me.

Hands run up the side of my body, holding me tightly, controlled with need to soak in the feel of my body in his hands. His thumbs brush the underside of my breasts and his teeth get harder, sinking into the skin across my back shoulder blades.

Serves me right for wearing a halter neck top.

Normally about this time, when his hard body is pressing into me, making sure I can feel what he isn’t verbalising to me, and he’s touching me so much, we would leave and head back to Conall’s place.

Normally I’m the instigator of this routine behaviour. After all, the boy has to shape shift for every night of the lunar week, I don’t. Especially not on the second night.

Sex helps shape shifting.

Well more precisely being with another wolf, helps shape shifting. There’s a feeling of safety and recognition and protection, which makes the werewolf calm down and so it doesn’t necessarily feel like you’re body’s being torn and ripped apart from the inside out. It tends to go a lot smoother if you are with another werewolf.

Add sex to that mix and it’s even better, smoother for those that need to shape shift around their partner.

It’s almost seamless and effortless and for the best part of all, fast.

A normal shift for a beta werewolf can take fifteen minutes to an hour, depending on the werewolf and circumstances. When you partner up and introduce sexual release into the mix, a shift is more like two to five minutes, max.

Conall and I know, exactly how long we have to tease out the sexual foreplay before he has to shape shift.

So he rides it out, because he can, because he wants to get me as worked up as him about what we’re both thinking of doing in the dark, at Burning Ground.

I don’t need to tell myself that this just for his benefit, as the back of my skirt slides up out of his way. Because it’s for my needs as much as his.

I may not need to shape shift, but I need to be with my werewolf.

Insanity would be what it feels like to be soaked in the air filled lust of the clubs during Lunar Week and then be alone and do nothing about it. I mean, the atmosphere the pack of werewolves creates in heat, is maddeningly delicious and touching it, tasting it, just once, would never be enough to be satisfying.

It’s like a powerful aphrodisiac, the body craves and responds to. It’s something I’d rather not, go without out.

After all, that’s the best part of Lunar Week.

Conflict of creation

October 2, 2009
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The world is full of interesting people, Jesus Christ Vampire Slayer, Abraham Lincon Vampire Hunter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and once upon a time long ago – Charles Darwin, a naturalist.

People who don’t have such fancy titles and nicknames as those mentioned above, can still be interesting. I’m sure you’ve met them in your life.

Take for instance, Actor Kirk Cameron. Who is becoming more and more known for his highly passionate, religious views.

Apparently Kirk is taking on (Charles) Darwin theorists. Watch out, there is a smack down happening with a dead guy.

Let me hold my breath with excitement.

Kirk, once an atheist is now a righteous Christian crusader. In November 19 this year, it will be the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species book. You may have heard of this, it’s supposed to be a pretty big deal in the history of mankind and how scientists and the like, think of evolution of the human race.

Kirk plans on handing out 50,000 copies of Darwin’s book with a new 50 page foreword by evangelist author Ray Comfort that debates and disputes how Darwin’s theory is wrong to the top 50 universities in America.

Yes, actor activism is here to stay people. Get used to it. They’re here, they’re queer and I need a beer.

So while Charlie boy might be long gone, his legacy On The Origin of Species lives on.

And whilst I laugh at this new “distribution on creationism”, I guess it can’t be said, that just because Ray Comfort or indeed Kirk Cameron isn’t a scientist, genealogist, naturalist, botanist or a taxonomist, that they can’t be right in their counter argument. Each to their own, I say, which is kind of what Kirk is also saying with his “balanced” presentation of the argument of natural selection.

Which makes me think Kirk is rather weak.

If you’re going to go after the big guns ie Charles Darwin / On The Origin of Species/Evolution / Natural Selection, then go all out, and actually make your point and back it. Not as Kirk says “Give both sides of the argument and make up their own mind (Students)”.

Which is why, I’m the Charles Darwin side of this debacle. But not for the reasons you might think.

For one, whilst, Kirk bleats on about “god given rights” being taken way, literally in society and about censorship of gospel news, I have one all encompassing counter word for this – INTERNET. It allows users freedom to go wherever they like, do whatever they like and read information on whatever they like. If they so choose.

If internet isn’t enough, then there’s a place called “A library”. Libraries exist all over the planet, with most of them stocking an array of books on, gee, everything.

But still, this isn’t why I’m siding with the Darwinists. Nope, here’s the real reason –
What makes Charles Darwin interesting to me, is not the man himself, but what he achieved.

He managed to apparently with his theory on the origin of species kill off the whole possibility and concept of werewolves ever existing.

Clever hey?

What am I then old boy? Figment of a supernatural imagination? Yeah right.
Takes one to know one, I say.

His theory was werewolves couldn’t seem to exist, was based pretty much on the sandpit argument of “two different halves of something can not co-exist together.” He never ever referenced “werewolves” in his correspondences or work yet he spoke of man evolving from the apes and a missing link between primemates and humans that somehow ties in bigfoot, the yeti, which derive from such evolutionary scales.

So what you should do, is then ask yourself why people no werewolves? Why would he say this, when clearly even now in this day and age, they exist alongside the Nons. Kirk Cameron that includes you.

Perhaps it was so people didn’t think werewolves existed, so therefore there’s nothing to kill and we don’t have any werewolf monster hunter slayer thingies to watch out for. Cool, kudos to us for being the survivor of the paranormal, supernatural reality show of life.

You know, Kirk, Charles, you can be smart man, but it doesn’t make you automatically right on every worldwide topic.

It might be suggested that perhaps Darwin made such a statement on werewolves because of his own run-ins with them, or perhaps he was deflecting attention from his own…. condition. This was a man who after writing his famous book, having been away in an exotic land studying botany, had to then edit and proof said book. Somewhere in that time frame, Charles Darwin started having “health problems”.

Like wild heart palpitations and sickness. He also suffered from incredible headaches and stomach pains. He sought medical treatment for these ailments, but nobody knew what they were treating, so his medical treatment was unsuccessful in curing him of these problems which he carried on with him in the later and last years of his life.

You know what this sounds like to me?
Yep, the old boy got himself bit and got a case of Lycanthropy.

After all, his illness continued after he got his famous book published. It’s been reported that his kids became “susceptible” to illness and its been noted that he feared when they were sick that they were “suffering”. Charles himself suffered from Chronic illness symptoms for more than forty years of his life.

Sounds like Lycanthropy wasn’t a natural selection that went well with him, but that he somehow managed to live with his unpleasant condition and get through it.

Wonder what Kirk Cameron, makes of Charlie boy being a Lycan or of werewolves without a god concept in their evolutionary scale of being?

Charles Darwin could be the most famous Lycan of or our time, if he wasn’t a werewolf.

Better get me to UC Berkley on Nov 19th to grab one of those books off ya Kirk. But if I do, then does this, then mean I’m a conflict of creation in your theory on creationism too?

It’s Lunar week this week and If you like, I can show you, just how far we’ve come.

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