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Conflict of creation | October 2, 2009

The world is full of interesting people, Jesus Christ Vampire Slayer, Abraham Lincon Vampire Hunter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and once upon a time long ago – Charles Darwin, a naturalist.

People who don’t have such fancy titles and nicknames as those mentioned above, can still be interesting. I’m sure you’ve met them in your life.

Take for instance, Actor Kirk Cameron. Who is becoming more and more known for his highly passionate, religious views.

Apparently Kirk is taking on (Charles) Darwin theorists. Watch out, there is a smack down happening with a dead guy.

Let me hold my breath with excitement.

Kirk, once an atheist is now a righteous Christian crusader. In November 19 this year, it will be the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species book. You may have heard of this, it’s supposed to be a pretty big deal in the history of mankind and how scientists and the like, think of evolution of the human race.

Kirk plans on handing out 50,000 copies of Darwin’s book with a new 50 page foreword by evangelist author Ray Comfort that debates and disputes how Darwin’s theory is wrong to the top 50 universities in America.

Yes, actor activism is here to stay people. Get used to it. They’re here, they’re queer and I need a beer.

So while Charlie boy might be long gone, his legacy On The Origin of Species lives on.

And whilst I laugh at this new “distribution on creationism”, I guess it can’t be said, that just because Ray Comfort or indeed Kirk Cameron isn’t a scientist, genealogist, naturalist, botanist or a taxonomist, that they can’t be right in their counter argument. Each to their own, I say, which is kind of what Kirk is also saying with his “balanced” presentation of the argument of natural selection.

Which makes me think Kirk is rather weak.

If you’re going to go after the big guns ie Charles Darwin / On The Origin of Species/Evolution / Natural Selection, then go all out, and actually make your point and back it. Not as Kirk says “Give both sides of the argument and make up their own mind (Students)”.

Which is why, I’m the Charles Darwin side of this debacle. But not for the reasons you might think.

For one, whilst, Kirk bleats on about “god given rights” being taken way, literally in society and about censorship of gospel news, I have one all encompassing counter word for this – INTERNET. It allows users freedom to go wherever they like, do whatever they like and read information on whatever they like. If they so choose.

If internet isn’t enough, then there’s a place called “A library”. Libraries exist all over the planet, with most of them stocking an array of books on, gee, everything.

But still, this isn’t why I’m siding with the Darwinists. Nope, here’s the real reason –
What makes Charles Darwin interesting to me, is not the man himself, but what he achieved.

He managed to apparently with his theory on the origin of species kill off the whole possibility and concept of werewolves ever existing.

Clever hey?

What am I then old boy? Figment of a supernatural imagination? Yeah right.
Takes one to know one, I say.

His theory was werewolves couldn’t seem to exist, was based pretty much on the sandpit argument of “two different halves of something can not co-exist together.” He never ever referenced “werewolves” in his correspondences or work yet he spoke of man evolving from the apes and a missing link between primemates and humans that somehow ties in bigfoot, the yeti, which derive from such evolutionary scales.

So what you should do, is then ask yourself why people no werewolves? Why would he say this, when clearly even now in this day and age, they exist alongside the Nons. Kirk Cameron that includes you.

Perhaps it was so people didn’t think werewolves existed, so therefore there’s nothing to kill and we don’t have any werewolf monster hunter slayer thingies to watch out for. Cool, kudos to us for being the survivor of the paranormal, supernatural reality show of life.

You know, Kirk, Charles, you can be smart man, but it doesn’t make you automatically right on every worldwide topic.

It might be suggested that perhaps Darwin made such a statement on werewolves because of his own run-ins with them, or perhaps he was deflecting attention from his own…. condition. This was a man who after writing his famous book, having been away in an exotic land studying botany, had to then edit and proof said book. Somewhere in that time frame, Charles Darwin started having “health problems”.

Like wild heart palpitations and sickness. He also suffered from incredible headaches and stomach pains. He sought medical treatment for these ailments, but nobody knew what they were treating, so his medical treatment was unsuccessful in curing him of these problems which he carried on with him in the later and last years of his life.

You know what this sounds like to me?
Yep, the old boy got himself bit and got a case of Lycanthropy.

After all, his illness continued after he got his famous book published. It’s been reported that his kids became “susceptible” to illness and its been noted that he feared when they were sick that they were “suffering”. Charles himself suffered from Chronic illness symptoms for more than forty years of his life.

Sounds like Lycanthropy wasn’t a natural selection that went well with him, but that he somehow managed to live with his unpleasant condition and get through it.

Wonder what Kirk Cameron, makes of Charlie boy being a Lycan or of werewolves without a god concept in their evolutionary scale of being?

Charles Darwin could be the most famous Lycan of or our time, if he wasn’t a werewolf.

Better get me to UC Berkley on Nov 19th to grab one of those books off ya Kirk. But if I do, then does this, then mean I’m a conflict of creation in your theory on creationism too?

It’s Lunar week this week and If you like, I can show you, just how far we’ve come.


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