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From my kind to hers – a heart felt rant | October 9, 2009

Warning: it had to happen eventually and now it has. Read on at your own peril.
It’s my blog, I’ll bitch if I want to.

Are you kidding me? Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series of teen emo books, was put up for nomination of the literary world’s highest honour – The Nobel Prize for literature? Or am I just reading that article wrong? God I hope so.

I’m speechless.

Actually I’m not. I’m just incensed that this could have been the case! Ever!

Congratulations must first go to the winner – Herta Mueller who was persecuted for her writing under Romanian’s communist regime. I could not be happier that you won. That this prestigious honor /prize retains dignity and above all us, a high standard! Well done Herta.

It’s one thing to be a popular author as Stephanie Meyer is – we get it, she created a craze around her works of fiction and got rich in the making. Built up hype and a strong fan base, but popular fiction writing versus authors who have actually written worthwhile, eye opening commentaries, and stories of life experiences that do not get made into glamorized, Hollywood movies that sell based on pretty pictures of a vague Hollywood actor on the cover of a book…come on!

Some perspective please!
World stories need to be recorded and told as much as popular bullshit fiction (of which I read plenty).

I’m glad that the Nobel Prize for Literature has retained this ideal or awarding social commentary and trying to correct political wrongs, through acknowledgement of authors such as Herta Mueller. Some one has to. It May as well be someone in a high position of respect such as those on this award panel.

Stephanie Meyer’s books are popular and adored by teens, tweens that they are actually marketed too. Kudos to her for hitting her mass market correctly. But the whole “obsession” over the twilight world, and in particular it’s leads, Edward and Bella is insanely mystifying to me. Especially with the movies which are no academy award winning performances.

Hello, can you say wooden? – hand me a stake! Now!

The fact that grown women coo like love struck teenagers of the “teenage” male lead in these stories and even the young actor who portrays him on screen, is so disturbing, all I can think is wrong, wrong, wrong. Predatory behavior on a scale of wrongness I don’t even want to touch.

But what really incenses me about Stephanie Meyer being put in the same category even for an article on the The Nobel Prize in Literature as Herta Mueller is her body of work – the Twilight series of books.

No I don’t mind stories on vampires and werewolves and all that (um, hello, have you not noticed the title of my said blog?) That’s not the problem. The problem is greater than ripping of a concept already created by Joss Whedon (human high school girl falls in love with an age old vampire – Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and adored by millions for the last fifteen years or so. No the problem is greater than that.

The main female lead is a weak, whimpy girl who must wait for her man, who will do anything for her man, who just wants to be with her man. Sounds less like romance and more like a “girls place in the world is by her man’s side” bullshit mantra. Don’t be an a woman who knows the difference between romance, relationship and servitude. Couldn’t possibly have that! In Stephanie Meyer’s world, girl-power seems like a dead and definetly buried concept.

Don’t even get me started on the date rape theme and the whole 1950’s housewife syndrome that is in this book and mass marketed to impressionable teenage girls who are yet to develop a sense of self, let alone an understanding of a broader world than beyond one of “home life.”

Well this werewolf won’t be reading Ms Meyer’s crappy trash any time soon! It would be insulting to my own kind from what I know and understand of the “imprinting” in her books on werewolves.

Just UGH!


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