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Wolf Awareness Week | October 11, 2009

This week is National Wolf Awareness Week , a time to dispel misconceptions about wolves and to encourage conservation efforts of wild wolves.

So in hope of bettering human relations for werewolf and wild wolf conservation, I am going to do my part and dispel some misconceptions as I know them, from my own knowledge and experiences as a Breukelen werewolf.

1. Are a werewolf and a Lycan are the same thing?

If you are classified as a werewolf, it is because you were born a werewolf.

If you are called a Lycan, it is because you were bit by a werewolf and infected with Lycanthropy and got changed into a werewolf. Although most Lycans refer to themselves as werewolves, this is not technically correct, especially since Lycans do not live in werewolf pack structured communities.

2. Do all Werewolves come from Europe?
You mean the “mother country”?

I’m not a representative of the entire planet’s werewolf population, so its hard to say. But we are a very ancient race.

3. Are Werewovles the natural enemy of the vampire?
As a girlfriend of my once said to a boy “Get your hand off it”
and stop reading those Stephanie Meyer books.
As stated before on this blog, I don’t even know if vampires exist – never met one face to face.

4. Werewolves can only change under the light of a full moon.

Werewolves are affected by the lunar /moon cycles and are in fact affected for a week.

Some werewolves will be unable to not shape shift for the whole week. However not all werewolves are affected every night.

Alpha werewolves only need to shift on the night of full moon, like all werewolves.

We are also able to shape shift, on demand as it were. Most Werewolves can do this themselves, whenever needed.

5. Do Werewovles turn into vampires after death?
What is with the vamp theme-song? No.
Werewolves just like anything else (except the undead) die.

Whatever form they are in they die in.

6. Females who are about to shape shift to werewolf form are able to do so because they are either witches, or because of magic.

Are you calling me a witch or a bitch?

If you can shape shift to werewolf form, it is because you were born with the gene to do so, or because you were bit.

See point no 1.

7. Who let the dogs out?
Presumably the Baha men.
Ps. Don’t EVER call a werewolf a dog….Unless you want to be pummeled into oblivion.

8. Why are there no great werewolves in pop culture TV/Movies like they are with Vampires?

Choose your own answer:
1. We’re not glory hounds who are as vain as Vamps.
2. Five words for you – Taylor Lautner, Twilight New Moon
3. Followed by another five – Oz, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
4. Followed by another five – Michael J Fox, Teen Wolf.

9. Werewolves will revert back to their human form by sunrise
Hmm, hard to say.
As the Mythbusters might say, “Plausible.”

Most werewolves hold werewolf form for several hours, usually anywhere from five to seven hours. So it depends on what time they shapeshifted. It’s not like sunrise is an automatic alarm clock that reverts us back.

10. Does being a werewolf mean you’re cursed?
Okay now someone has been watching too much Angel on TV. ( Again the close association of the two uber monsters) No curses to get a werewolf form. Born this way, remember?

See point 1.

11. Does a silver bullet kill a werewolf?
I’m guessing a bullet would kill anyone or anything if aimed correctly. Like I’m going to give you answer on that one! Do I have “naive” and “stupid” tattooed across my forehead?

12. Is a female werewolf called a “Bitch”?
We call each other bitches, but not because we are werewolves.


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