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Imagine if they did | October 12, 2009

About the same time I started this blog, in June this year, NASA started a program called LCross (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satillite) to search for water on the Moon. How does this work?
On June 18th, mankind, Americans in fact, literally bombed the moon.

Yes the moon.

The one and only Moon that orbits our Planet Earth. You know the one, the one that helps Earth maintain it’s gravity and therefore, life on Earth. We bombed it. Essentially we dug a really big hole into the thing that helps our planet function. We fucked with the safetynet of our world.

As reported in USA Today on the 10th October 2009, Peter Schultz of Brown University said “We just slammed something the size of a school bus into the moon going really fast. It was a lunar encounter of the hardest kind,”

Should I feel proud about this destructive achievement Peter?
Should I be as excited as you seem to be with your words?

Apparently slamming something, at over 6,000 Miles per hour into the surface of the moon has become acceptable for the survival, it might seem, for human kind.

But what about the werewolves of the world?

There is no denying that to the werewolf culture, the moon is a very important element.
It’s highly regarded because of it’s entanglement to us. Hello! It literally controls our whole being.

So it concerns me, that without regard for this part of the population, scientists and government seem to think it’s okay to fulfill their curiosity by ruining and interfering with something they should not. That means more to me and my kind, than it could, ever, to them. I wonder how they’d feel if they were as affected by the moon each month as me and my kind are.

So far, they haven’t done any “bombing” on a lunar week, but give them the chance and I’m sure the experiments will start. Imagine if they did. Would it be a bit like that new TV show Flash Forward. See how many of us drop like flys or have some weird freak out because of their interference with a connection to our life source?

Mankind is so determined to outdo itself with its all conquering nature, that often we overlook the potential for devastation and the repercussions of our “greatness” especially over inanimate objects like mountains, rocks and now the Moon. These visions of greatness get so overlooked that we fail to see how we could go wrong and where we did. I mean, it’s not like the moon can fight back?

Have I felt any side affects or repercussions from this attack on the Moon?
No. Not yet.

Probably because as Mr Schultz from Brown University told USA today “The LCROSS impact produced a crater five times smaller than a football field “.

Oh great, its still a VERY LARGE DENT to make when messing with natural forces you shouldn’t be touching! No wonder the world is supposed to end in 2012 – we’re ramming the moon in 2009! Give us time to destroy ourselves!

I mean, it’s like experimenting with a life source here. What would happen if NASA managed to make a big crater on the moon? Or crack the moon’s crust and make unstable? How much more blasting can they do, before the werewolf population starts to feel different? Before we drop off like flies?

Do they even care?
I think the obvious answer to that last question is no they don’t care about this minority group of humans and how we will be affected if they continue to “bomb” the moon as such. Why would they unless they had a personal connection to any of us?

Maybe they see it as a way to get rid of us. Genocide without having to own up to it? After all, not everybody believes Werewolves exist. Yet perhaps if the government know we do and see us as a threat, well it could be considered the perfect way to attack us, without, actually attacking us. Not that I believe we’ve ever done anything to them that could be seen as a threat. Their moon bombing is deviously clever, really.

I believe, the moon, like the region of Antarctica, should remain the only free zones in the universe that belong to no country and to everybody. Which means, we should treat them with respect and understanding. Not actions of violence under the misguided notion that we’re doing it for “the greater good.” They say they’re looking for water, maybe they are, and if they happen to wipe out Earth’s werewolf population, for no reason at all, they’ll just call that a big fat bonus.


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