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She Wolf | October 19, 2009

S.O.S. she’s in disguise
There’s a she wolf in disguise
Coming out, coming out, coming out
A domesticated girl that’s all you ask of me
Darling it is no joke, this is lycanthropy – She Wolf, Shakira.

I saw a website that said “what’s hotter than werewolves”?
Fair question, after all, we are damn hot if I do say so myself.

The answer was “Shakira werewolves.”

As in the Colombian pop singer, Shakira. Yes she of the odd little pop songs with such lines as “my breasts are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains, or my hips don’t lie.”
Catchy songs, odd lyrics.
Shakira is hot.
I’d add her to my girl crush collection.

But I doubt she’s a werewolf who’s so openly, singing about werewolves in her song She Wolf.
Although maybe she’s taking the hide in plain sight approach rather than deny everything. But I doubt it.

After all, I watched the video clip which is a vague attempt at some sort of female, empowerment song. Possibly through what else but ‘female sexuality'(is that all the female video pop race ever has to offer us??). The video is something like madonna’s hung up video mashed up with Beyonce’s single ladies leotard and throw in a go go cage for good measure.

First of all She Wolf Shakira, we – female she wolfs, do not cage ourselves. At least I don’t. Especially during full moon or >lunar week .

Werewolves generally only tend to cage themselves if they feel they may loose control of a shift and turn feral when they hit wolf form. Or if they’re being punished by the pack for something. See the whole nightclub scene helps with the shape shifting atmosphere, we find ourselves immersed in, kind of take care of that process. Keeps us calm as it were.

Certain clubs, have rooms, places that are a bit like a hotel as it were, that are available for the werewolf crowd during lunar weeks. These places are not luxury hotel rooms, actually they’re rather sparse. Basic but clean and strong and nice enough if you don’t need the luxuries. There’s usually a king size bed on one side of the room, an en-suite and that’s about it. So should a wolf get caught short, too close to a shift to leave a club, or maybe they don’t want to leave the club in time, they can book the room for the night.

What would the point be to putting us in a hotel room? You see a shift can be rather, well what’s the best word to describe this…volatile? If you’re alone when you shape shift it’s not like the movies where you drop to your hands and knees and stay still in one place and scream. You move, thrash, rock and shake. Your body spasms automatically and jerks you about. So there’s a fair bit of movement happening when a shape shift kicks in. It’s easier and smoother when you’re with other werewolves and less prone to coming too and destroying a room on sight.

It’s kind of like sensory memory – if you have a routine, that you stick to, your werewolf gets used to it too. You figure out what works for you and it becomes your religion. Because there is no worse feeling than lack of control. It’s like having all sense of freedom taken from you. Because you can’t be you in which ever form you find yourself in.

It’s interesting though that Shakira chose a “she wolf” however to be her songs darling. Makes me wonder if she thinks all werewolf females are so domestically docile as her songs suggests. Because really, not the case.

Werewolves have adapted to being urban creatures. So finding ourselves in an urban environment, like a nightclub room or a house, is common place enough now. Once upon a long ago time, there would have been werewolves who expected forests and landscape to sense as they came too. But now, you’re talking about a few generation that have conditioned they’re werewolves to accept and expect an urban landscape as they’re natural ground to be in.

Oh and what’s with the “coming out, coming out, coming out” lyrics in the song? Am I supposed to gather it’s about the woman deciding to be herself? Or is Shakira talking about the “werewolf rainbow connection”?

Cause that is a whole other deal of scene for another blog post, people!



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