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Animal attraction | November 5, 2009

Animal attraction, has takes on a whole other meaning when werewolves are involved.

There is literally an attraction, something from the depths of your werewolf’s being, connecting, reaching out, seeking another werewolf. I thought I had it with Conall. I mean, we have a connection, and it’s built on trust and intensity that much, I do know. But then, well, I haven’t felt the pull of something as powerful as what I did when I was in Manhattan doing a favor for my sister, playing courier to the Manhattan Maen pack.

Which meant seeing Paris again.

To say he is gorgeous is an utter understatement.

The man wouldn’t know how to look bad, even if he didn’t shave, or brush his hair. He’s simply sexy. Looking at him makes me want to graze my teeth on his skin, bite into his flesh and mark him. Believe me, for a werewolf to want to mark another, it’s a very territorial thing to do.

Marking a wolf, is like claiming them as your own partner.
It sends out a common message to other would be encounters and suitors that, that wolf is off the market and can not be taken.

Okay maybe I’m just letting my mind wander a little, because he’s stunning and older and I if I’m not mistaken, I think he keeps flirting with me. But then again, maybe that’s his way, maybe he flirts with everyone. Some people just come across that playful, that you feel like their attention is honed on you.

Yes, I’m sure that’s it.
Unconsciously flirting with my hormones. Yes, that’s what Paris is doing.
After I handed the package over to him I passed on my sister’s message with it and turned to leave, when he asked me out of the blue.

“So that guy, Conall is he your boyfriend?”

I stopped and turned around.


“Sometimes?” Paris laughed arching an eyebrow. “What does that mean?”
I shrugged my shoulders, I wasn’t going to declare I was in an open relationship in the reception area of his office. I watched his face think through my answer and lack of answer.

“Must be convenient…”

“Nice is a better word for it.”

Paris smiled at me. “So If I wanted to ask you out some time…” He trailed off and we held each other’s gaze. The silence would have been defeaning if I wasn’t listening so intently to his heart beat’s pick up. I’m pretty sure he was doing the same with me. Werewolf hearing, its sneaky like that. You can actually guage the real reactions of people. Helpful too.

“Then you should do that.” Couldn’t be any clearer in giving him a green light, could I?

“And it won’t incur me the wrath of a Breukelen?”

It was my turn to smile. Like that would be an issue, ever.

Paris is an Alpha werewolf, Conall is a beta. Granted he’s a great fighter, but I’m guessing, even just by looking at the size of Paris, from his business suit attire, that he’d pummel Conall, without breaking a sweat.

“We have an understanding about our relationship.”
I almost laughed out loud at the look of surprise on Paris’s face as his eyebrows shot up again. I knew he was smart, that he’d make the connection without me having to tell him exactly.


I nodded my head and watched him look down at his feet and move back on them and forward again. Wow, that was a fast way to kill a light hearted moment of temptation wasn’t it?
Good work Breukelen Girl. Really.
I hoisted my handbag onto my shoulder and started to move.


I turned around.

“I’m not good at sharing something I really want.”

Now it was my turn for my eyebrows to shoot up in surprise. The look on his face was one of casual ease, cheeky even, but his eyes looked determined and hungry. His true feeling were there. I was under a predators gaze and my gut was clenching, in nervous excitement. I had to remind myself to breathe.

“How do you know what you really want?”

“Instinct. I see something I like and I just go right after it.”

“Typical Alpha male.”

We laughed and he nodded his head. I saw the fire in his eyes calm down a bit.
“Well I won’t wait by the phone then.” I joked smiling at him before walking away as I heard him laugh at my response before saying to his secretary.
“I like her.”


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