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Shape Shift

November 7, 2009
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I’ve spoken about shape-shifting before, but there are times, believe it or not, when it’s not that easy to make happen.

Call it show time nerves if you want. Or lack of confidence, but it happens. You see, shape shifting can be called upon at any time. Not necessarily just Lunar Week when we all at some point in time, we have to shape shift, as is our nature.

But if you’ve been badly injured or traumatized in an event, sometimes it can just be too hard to figure out how to bring forth the shape shift. We kind of loose our focus a bit and really, that’s all that’s needed to make us loose our ability.

It’s never permanent, that would be a little bit…impossible given our hybrid existence, one can not exist without the other and all that. But while the human half is always in charge, and on display, the werewolf part does get a say in things too. Sometimes more than others.

One of the ways to hold a shift at bay, at least for a limited and eventually unsuccessful amount of time, is to fight a shift. I’ve done this before. I think three hours is my new personal best. Problem is, eventually I shifted and the day after, when I came to as myself, everything on my body hurt like a bitch.

I mean, blinking an eyelid hurt. You fight it, you suffer the consequences. And when that happens and you wake up aching all over like you’ve been trampled to death a few times, well it’s not like you can call on the magic again to self-help yourself with another shape-shift.

Energy gets zapped big time. Especially if you shape-shift too often. Too frequently or too fast. Human Body can’t sustain it that much. It just worsens your conditioning. You become more susceptible to things. Loose some of the tough conditioning your hybrid body has been given.

You come to hungry as hell, wanting not just a big red stake, but about five. It’s insane the amount of food you shovel into your body to refuel it after a shape-shift. But your werewolf thanks you and it helps you feel better, faster, too.

But there are other ways to shape shift when you can’t. You get help.

I saw his hand on himself, as it moved back and forth and he breathed heavily, watching the shape-shift occur.

The scent of fur and warmth and heated earth, filled our nostrils and he hardened ever more in his own hand as he moved quickly, the blur of the change over filled my vision and I felt the slightest change effortlessly.

My body bucked up, still feeling the last wave, a moment of ecstasy and a final gasp of human breath, before my gray wolf came too. Looking over at him.

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