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The gothic nature of our beasts | November 9, 2009

As the world gears up to handle the hysteria that will sweep teenagers everywhere with the release of the new Twilight movie, New Moon, I’m reminded again – in fact more and more these days, I see media and people asking why are people attracted to vampires, why are they so popular as opposed to werewolves.

One Twitter follower stated, that she thought women were attracted to the notion of vampires because they represented in a way, the knight in shining armour sweeping the woman away on a white horse, but with a hint of danger.

Sorry, but I don’t ever want to meet a dead guy on a white horse, especially if it puts my life in danger, or if his horses name is “Pestilence” and there are three other guys riding horses with him!

Hello end of the world is so much further than “hint of danger”!

I’ve read somewhere else that a journalist believes we all have a gothic side to us therefore gothic equals love and understanding of all things vampiric.

Yeah well, disputing that.

I don’t consider myself to be gothic. The online dictionary, says gothic is:

noting or pertaining to a style of architecture
I may have my bad body days where I might say I feel as bloated as a house, but I don’t think I resemble “architecture” when I say that or when I don’t, on my good days.

pertaining to or designating the style of painting, sculpture characterized by a tendency toward realism and interest in detail.
Well I am very much a REAL person and if by details they mean gossip, then we could be on to something with this one..

pertaining to Goths or their language
I have no idea what a “Goth” in this sense is – let me check the dictionary again. Okay it says A member of a Germanic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era.
Again, way before my time. Also, I don’t speak the Deutschland. I do however know a bit of French, Dutch and the odd Norwegian word or two.

pertaining to the music, esp. of northern Europe, of the period roughly from 1200 to 1450
– um, No.

pertaining to the Middle Ages; medieval
NO, wasn’t born then, and don’t consider myself to be any kind of evil, let alone medieval.

barbarous or crude
Only when drunk. So that’s what, barely ever?

noting or pertaining to a style of literature characterized by a gloomy setting, grotesque, mysterious, or violent events
hmm, sometimes my life might seem to be characterized by a few of these elements, but I don’t dwell in it.

noting or pertaining to the alphabetical script introduced for the writing of
Gothic by Ulfilas

No I do not write like this with that script – I use times new roman font.

being of a genre of contemporary fiction typically relating the experiences of an often ingenuous heroine imperiled, as at an old mansion

hmm, I have heard people call my place a mansion before. But no.

So I don’t think I fall into this love-fest everyone is having with the concept of Vampires.

Yes, I’ve watched the shows, Buffy and True Blood which are great. But I have never once, associated myself with the vampire characters, and I have never once, wanted to be with the vampire characters.

I’ve always seen myself with the human characters because that’s who I live around. Beause I embrace my human side, and enjoy that part of it. That’s the world I’m in.

I think mostly that people want to fall in romantic lust with the undead vampires because they’ve been portrayed by very pretty and charismatic people on TV and screen. Because ‘paranormal’ people, such as yours truly, have something to offer the nons. The fans of the paranormal. They first think of escapisim and some sort of happy little fantasy that measures up to their ideal in their head.

Because it looks like they come from a very exciting and different world. And it probably beats going to an office job five days a week.

Of course, our paranormal lives, might be very normal by nons standards if these so called fans of vampires and werewolves were to be a vampire/werewolf ALL the time. What would they then want to be? – A human?

Oh and aren’t I (and all paranormals for that matter) meant to believe that’s what paranormal beings are striving for thier whole lives? like it’s our ideal?

But it concerns me that people are attracted to blood drinkers, these ‘vampires’ only need blood to survive. And more often than not, as shown in these shows and movies, they get their blood from their loved one. Draining them a little bit more each time its needed of life.

I kind of see that like being in an oddly abusive relationship. “You must give me what I need to survive.” – if vampires are so immortal like, you’d have think they’d figure out a way to get the blood without demanding it of their loved ones after all this time and the time in the world to figure that out.

But again the portrayal of this notion leads us to believe it’s done as an act of love either self sacrificing or not.

I understand the attraction of blood too, because my werewolf, is attracted to it. It’s kind of like, you can take so much out of the evolution scale but blood will always be part of the werewolf.

Doesn’t mean I demand it of those around me, but the animal inside of me is aware of it, and attracted to it, because it’s a predatory thing. Part of the werewolf make up.

Oh and that’s another thing, why don’t people see vampires as predators that are a danger not something that can give you a ‘hint’ of dangerous excitement?

I mean, niave much?

I think the reason people seem to like vampires is because quite simply put, they resemble, according to most folklore and movies and tv shows, humans. Yes, that’s about it. So humans are seen as more attractive and on the level of attraction to other humans than an animal. They think bestiality when they shouldn’t.

Plus, werewolves have been getting a bad wrap for so long, they’ve always been portrayed as “monsters” while the PR machine has been working over time in turning the image of the vampire around into some sort of misunderstood, moody, romantic lead, worthy of its un dead life.

But really if that’s all it takes to make someone like you, then again, its just about how not far, humans have come.

How shallow to like vampires because of their looks and at the same time, use that against werewolves because they loose their human image. But it does not mean werewolves loose their humanity, unlike Vampires.

But as it turns out, Nons are a vain lot (no pun intended) and they’d rather believe in what they can see (looks) and be fooled by these things than true intention. Hence, vampire popularity.Which you would think, in the scale of morals, deep seeded truths, and need for emotional connection, that would count for more than it does, in the image and reputation of the werewolf.

Which seems a likely truth of the gothic nature of our own – vampire, werewolf, human – personal beasts.

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  1. They are all meat, dear Wolf.

    Comment by M. — December 21, 2009 @ 12:08 am

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