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Monster movie mash

November 19, 2009
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Have you ever sat though a movie marathon of monster movies, with a werewolf?

There’s a theatre here in Brooklyn that’s running movie marathon sessions of “monster movies”. Most people bring along sleeping bags and blankets and pillows and stuff and get really comfortable to watch these sessions.

The upcoming schedule has them playing a werewolf themed sessions.

You’ve got Silver Bullet, Teenwolf , Cursed, Wolf and an An American Werewolf in Paris on the bill for the early session.

I’ve yet to figure out if the owners of the movie house are doing this deliberately or not.
Or are aware of ‘goings on’ around Brooklyn.

New management, so possibly, they’re just naive.

Actually, now that I think about it, probably they do know what they’re doing because after next week, by the look of the upcoming schedule, they’re running vampire themed movies, like Lost Boys, Blade, Dracula, Day Watch and Night Watch in one session, I saw.

The midnight session we’re attending has, American Werewolf in London, Underworld rise of the Lycans, Twilight New Moon and Van Helsing.

I was outvoted by my friends who wanted to go to the second showing of werewolf movies, because, I quote “Hugh Jackman is hot even if the movie he’s in blows.”

I told Davey I thought he had a hair fetish for Hugh Jackman’s sideburns and said “You do realize Hugh Jackman is not a werewolf just because he’s played a character called wolverine.”

Davey told me to shut up and stop ruining his fantasy.

I questioned why any of my friends would subject themselves to the Twilight movie. As they were buying a movie marathon ticket for the full duration…luckily there are toilet breaks between movies. I might have to have one, that goes for 1 minute 80 seconds.

Again, it was Hugh Jackman to the rescue.

I was told that in order to see the three movies we wanted it would just be cheaper for us to buy full priced movie marathon tickets. I asked why we needed to see the first three movies, and was told in no uncertain terms “Classic, Kate Beckinsale in PVC – Hello, and Hugh Jackman, nuff said.”

Like that explained everything I needed to know about my easily persuaded and pervy, furball friends.

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