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Truth of the time | December 9, 2009

So the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn has it’s own little place on Facebook now.

Well, if you’re a canal it’s weird.

But I guess the purpose is good. It’s just another way of the Environmental Protection Agency to communicate with it’s public audience. They list basic information about the canal that has been made into what’s called a “superfund”. Something about cleaning up all the toxins blah blah blah with more money than I could ever imagine holding in my lifetime.

It’s all fairly tame and boring, the information on the face book page etc.
You won’t find much gossip on this facebook page.

Like how last month, two warrior werewolves, let’s just call them Freki and Geri, seemed to use the Gowanus Canal as a means of hiding out whilst terrorizing the boroughs.

If you didn’t hear about this, then that’s a good thing. Believe me. It means for the most part that between the NYPD and the Breukelen Pack, they managed to contain things, you know, to an acceptable level of…loss? Control? as it were.

But it shouldn’t be all that surprising that I think about it, that Freki and Geri used the Gowanus Canal. Given how ‘particular’ those two hell hounds really are.

They’re not like regular werewolves. Hell no.
They’re more like, well I guess you would call them, pure breeds. The closest thing to the real deal and they’re, let’s just say, not “from around here”.
They’re old, like ancient old.
Stuff of legend, that none of us Breukelen even knew about.

I guess sometimes history gets buried as much as some of it gets reported. Brooklyn has a lot of history, that sure makes for an interesting read if you can get your hands on the ‘real’ version of events. Or if you know the right elders who still remember what the truth of the time was.
Whoever controls the information, has the power and all that.

That’s why it was so damn hard to find anything on these uber-werewolves, when my brother Aksel asked me to.

There just wasn’t any.
But somebody knew something, enough to bring them to my hood.

Yes people, there was a time before the internet and even, the written word.
Makes you wonder what that was like doesn’t it?

It’s all a bit Montauk Monster-ish really and gives me the wiggins.
But hey if a Canal can be social networking on Facebook, anything is possible.

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