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Night time | December 22, 2009

I am a creature of the night.
Ha ha – yes, I even have fangs

My werewolf soul is more stated at night. Like it’s in it’s rightful place. Like I have all the energy I need. Like I’m where I should be and able to do anything I please.

Werewolf’s were born into a relationship with night time and a conflict with daylight.

Our culture’s history have been linked forever with night time, like it was something to hold us back, rather than kept a place warm for us, waiting for us to just release ourselves into it.

Like night time and werewolf together were something that should only be feared, because it controlled us.

Our shape-shifts, whilst they can be called on in any time of day or night, (and must occur during lunar weeks) much prefer the natural progression that the moon gives us, at night time.

Although granted, when there’s an eclipse, that can seriously be challenged. That’s when it gets really wiry and weird for us. There have been werewolves who have been known to be unable to shape-shift in an eclipse. But have all the urges to do so and other traits. I guess the best way to describe it, is it would be like being caught in half-half mode permanently. You’re in human form, but every other part of your body is howling for the werewolf.

But night time for us, it’s like a blanket of relief, an easy comfort that we slip into at any given chance. It doesn’t even have to be about lunar week.

Night time is representative of a very core part of the werewolf. It’s not a cover of darkness we hide ourselves in shame in. No it’s more like a sexual seduction, a silken touch, that let’s us unwind just that bit more, than daylight does.

We can be ourselves, in our clubs, and under a clear night sky. We can engage in romance that is pleasured by our sensors feeling heightened, by night time.

Playing in the dark, only adds to an allure we seem inherently built with.

Night time, one of my favourite times.


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