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Why be enemies? | December 28, 2009

As we come towards the end of the year, I guess I’m getting rather reflective with my thoughts.

Who made Vampires and Werewolves natural sworn enemies?

I mean, think about this scenario for a minute. Both paranormal beings, both prefer to operate or can only operate as such, under the cover of night time darkness. Both understand the need for blood and have been known to create bloodshed. Both are in a sense, hybrids of humans and their behaviour and baser needs.

So why would two like minded paranormal beings, be enemies?

Because to quote the movie Highlander (and doesn’t that make me feel like a geek?) “There can be only one?” Hmm, doubtful. I mean if both these types of paranormal beings exist, than doesn’t it stand to reason that there are other types of beings too? Outside of the scope of humanity?

So again, I ask, why be enemies?

Is it because the humans have managed to create this gap between these two paranormal groups of people, to ensure neither of them, team up together to be all too powerful or fearful for human kind?
Why be enemies when they seem to have so much in common?

Why be enemies when it doesn’t seem necessary? When they both work in different ways and therefore shouldn’t be cutting the other one’s lunch with their living standards and uh, requirements?

Of course, you can’t be enemies if you don’t know about the other one, or that there are enemies to be made, right? I’ve yet to meet a vampire, although, really there are quite a few freaks on twitter who make me think, that perhaps there really are vampires out there.

But I find it hard to identify with the idea of a vampire because I think the concept of the vampire has changed so much, in fact too much, for them now, to be anything more than pussy whipped emo boys /or lesbian killers – take your pick and rent the dvd.

Werewolf’s have an earthy-ness and honesty about them, that the concept of the vampire lacks, greatly. Vampires are about treachery and lies and deceit and hiding and being sneaky and having ulterior motives. Being everything unstable that you can not trust.

Werewolves are an evolution of a kind. They still retain human traits and understand them and don’t loose them, as they live with what they are. They balance them, are forced to continue to live by them. Guided by the rules of humanity that in a sense, control us. Vampires don’t do that.

So why be enemies?

There are certain fans of my blog who lead me to believe they are vampires, reading a werewolf blog. I don’t consider them enemies because they are different to me. Because they are polar opposites to me.

So why be enemies?

I feel a Rodney King moment come along when I say, why can’t Vampires and Werewolves just get along? But it’s a thought that runs through my brain again and again. I think we’ve been brainwashed to believe in enemies too easily. I mean, it’s easy enough to do right? Fear is a great emotion to manipulate and easily trigger.

Particularly if you fear the unknown, and if you really don’t know anything much about your perceived opposite thus enemy, why would you embrace or accept them?

Maybe the answer is, because we all live together in this world and there’s enough world for all of us. Differences exist for a reason. If everyone and everything was the same, life would not be life. It would be a program. A monochrome photograph, we wouldn’t have emotion and sensation.

So are vampires and werewolves naturally sworn enemies? I don’t think so, I don’t really know any vampires worth hating on or with reason to.

But I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that would like them to be, for whatever reasons.


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