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Breaking Free | January 6, 2010

Shape shifting, it’s not an exact science you know.
Neither is being a werewolf, but them’s the breaks (haha).

I guess that’s why it’s so intriguing to all you Nons. When you shape shift, it’s like being given the chance to have a new identity.

To be be someone else or something your not, in everyday, regular life as it were. I mean, granted it’s part of my life and indeed a part of me. But there comes with the ability a sense of relief, mentally.

I mean, the actual act of shape shifting varies. Depends on wether you your alone or in a group, in good health or injured. Injuries, depending on their severity can make the whole process ten times harder to undertake, get through and complete.

Taking pain into a shape shift, is like doubling dosing on the bad stuff, you know? You need to practice control in blocking it out to start the process, cause pain can also prevent a solo shape-shift.

That’s were shape shifting with a partner or group environment has it’s benefits. Group pheromones of familiarity and worth, of recognition, kind of calm the brain and therefore the body down in letting it know that it’s okay to do what it’s got to do. The pain factor generally lessens and the whole process is rather sped up, rather than if you alone and in particular alone and in unfamiliar surrounds.

Recognition, habit, pattern, that is something the werewolf works on.

So the whole dual identity that you carry around like a superhero who’s even more oppressed by this damaging personality trait (aka the werewolf) than even Superman, gets to break free. As well as breaking several bones along the way, which will eventually re-form, re-heal and find their place in the skin you carry it around in.

The werewolf is kept at bay for most of it’s life. Like a naughty child locked up in a cupboard for nothing more than being who it is. Because that’s how living in a modern age works.

Because the reality is, society isn’t all that ready to deal with it, so it locks it away. Well, we, the bearer of the werewolf do, because we’re required to by the fearmongers.

We leash it because it’s safer that way.
When your constantly in human form, you’re constantly assessing and wondering about things and balancing, judging, weighing up options as one part human you and one part werewolf you.

There is never a whole one side or the other option. It’s always a struggle and it’s always there. Right near the surface of you’re calm, your disguise of normality.

But hey, what’s normal anyway?

So when the werewolf does come out to sniff freedom, it gets its chance to experience your world, the human world, the one you keep it away from at a distance, for a majority of the month.

It gets to reveal in banishing the human owner of it. It gets to experience life, a new life it might seem like, each time you shape shift.

It gets to do what most of us humans, don’t get to do. It gets a break in life, it gets a chance to see things from a different view, gathers new perspective.

Understands itself and other identity, the human side of you, a bit more.

For us werewolves in today’s world, it’s like an eternal cycle of living, with all the benefits and rarely any of the downfalls, because the werewolf is never around all that long to have to go through them.

That’s the burden, the human side of us bears.
A life in motion and constant, perpetual flux.

Not so much unstable as it is shifting, like sand under your feet. Move with it, lose it or get the hell out of the way.

Free fall and control, head and body as one, and you can get through this life.


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