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Lunar Week | January 16, 2010

Lunar Week, it’s a special time in a werewolf’s life. Okay it’s not special, special, it’s more like, let the games begin and hope shit doesn’t get….too crazy to handle.

It’s kind of like a stupid game you play with yourself. Like temptation.
Can you survive it?
Do you want to?

So what is lunar week to us werewolves?

It’s the week leading up to the full moon. Yes, I know the moon is out and about all year, but there is one particular week, each month, that affects us more so than any other time of the month.

And if you think I’m talking about “female” stuff, think again.

Lunar week, affects ALL werewolves, male and female.

So by affect, what do I mean?

Appetite: You’re always hungry. I mean, mega hungry. And I’m not talking about junk food or candy or gourmet meals. It’s about the body wanting meat. Bloody meat, raw meat, animal off the bone. No lean meat here please, I want all the flavours of it dripping down my chin and juicing up my mouth.

The werewolf inside is hungry for what it’s been raised to hunt down – meat. So we stock up leading up to lunar week.

Butchers love werewolves for this reason alone.
I think one of the ones in Brooklyn even has a bumper sticker on his car that says that!

Sex:Werewolves are very sexual creatures. We love sexuality and indulging in it. It’s just part and parcel of the mixture that makes us up, all ways has been. So our interest in sex is like almost all we can think about, when we’re not thinking about eating more meat.

Sex drives are like weapons used against us and given to us to lure others in so we can get what we want. What the human half of us craves. Touch, touch, touch. Werewolves are all about skin contact, familiar contact of pack.

So all day you day-dream about sex during lunar week. Can I tell you how bad that is when you have to work during lunar week? Work colleagues suddenly become imaginary candidates for furry fun, even the ugly ones. Which is unsettling to say the least.

You think about it so much, that you get to the point where you need to just go lock yourself away in a room somewhere and find out exactly how many y times you can “fan the fur” or “play couch hockey for one.”

It’s insane. The driving urge.

I usually end up crunching ice-cubes in my mouth all day long. Drive people nuts. But it’s a diverting technique I’ve found works for me. Which in cold weather, is very distracting, since all you can think about is how freezing it is. But it means I don’t think of warmth. Heat, things that mean SEX to a werewolf on a lunar week when working with Nons!

Of course, if you choose to make your situation worse, by not “pressing the escape button”, there’s always the cover of night time to seriously, let loose. Which I think, gathering by the number of werewolves in the clubs at night, is what the majority of us, decided to do.

It’s a safety net, playground and release all in one.

Abilities: Everything about us is affected in lunar week, not just the sex drive and hunger pains. No, it’s so much more than that. It’s like our strengths and weakness can ten fold all at once. So we can be mega strong. Super fast, and yet if we get injured or somehow, traumatized it’s like fifty times the pain factor, which affects shape shifting. It makes it difficult to focus and concentrate on and if you can somehow manage that when you’re injured, then the shape shift itself is going to be like hell all over in terms of agony.

Shape shifting: Shape shifting is usually a very natural thing to do during lunar week. I mean we have to. No say in that matter. Beta werewolves usually feel the pull of the moon more easily than Alpha werewolves and therefore, can not hold out or as long as Alpha werewolves can. We have to shape shift, usually sooner than they do. Alpha’s only have to do it on the night of the full moon is my understanding. It’s part of what makes them different, better I guess, than us beta wolves.

Lunar Week, it’s a lot to handle and look forward to at the same time, but then that’s what it’s like in werewolf world.



  1. someone help us become a werewolf!

    Comment by Anna — April 28, 2010 @ 5:28 pm

    • Why do you want to become a werewolf?

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — April 28, 2010 @ 7:02 pm

  2. is this a real person life or not? im curious about the shapeshifting life of the powerful wolve.

    Comment by albert — November 22, 2010 @ 6:17 pm

    • these posts don’t write themselves!

      subscribe to the blog to keep updated!

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — November 22, 2010 @ 8:12 pm

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