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Alpha | January 18, 2010

Alpha werewolves, they are a breed unto themselves.

Well, that’s what makes them different from us beta wolves, like me.

It’s what makes them an Alpha.

I’m surrounded by so many in my life, the leader of the Breukelen Pack, my sister, my sister’s “close” friends slash companions, Booker and Nick. My boyfriend Paris and his best friend Addison.

They’ve got more power and differences than the rest of the pack. It’s why they stand out, it’s why they can do the things they do.

That I as a born beta wolf, can’t.

Like shape shift fast, at will. I mean, all werewolves can shape shift and at will. We don’t have to wait for the full moon or lunar week.

But Alpha werewolves, they can do it faster, than beta wolves, and they can make, beta wolves shape shift at their will. At their werewolf’s powerful insistence.

I guess you could say, they just kind of dominate a beta wolf’s mind and being. Like soak them in the Alpha aura or what have you.

It’s not like they even have to be touching you to make it happen. But touch, does help a lot. It accelerates the whole process along. Werewolves work better with touch.

Alpha’s are also less affected by the fast change over in and from forms, if they have to go back and forth between them. Where as a beta wolf would be able to shape shift once to werewolf form and then a few minutes later back to human form. An Alpha could do it more than once.

There are side effects, but Alpha’s cope a hell of a lot better with the presto-chango fall out than beta wolves. Their bodies are stronger, more prone to control and conditioning themselves, I guess.

If you’re around an Alpha werewolf enough, like during lunar week, or like me, are lucky enough to have one as a pack partner, then shape shifting, becomes a whole new experience.

The biggest difference is, when I’m with my pack mate, Paris, I can remember things from being in my werewolf form. Never used to happen to me.

I’d simply lose seven hours, after being in my tribal form. The animal’s memory would just go away and I’d have nothing to go on. No idea of the black and grey world the werewolf me saw or was in.

But the Alpha werewolf, Paris, and presumably others, has this way of making me retain those memories more. I can remember parts now. It’s intriguing. Like watching an old noir detective movie unfold in my life.

Alpha werewolves also look considerably different to regular beta werewolves. Beta werewolves like myself look like wolves, the kind you might see out in the wilds of nature. But, we look like large, overgrown, over exaggerated wolves.

Alpha werewolves tend to look more humanoid and still carry the wolf shape. That is to say, they can stand on two humanoid wolf legs, and walk upright, in werewolf form.

They can also choose to only partially shape shift. That is to say, if their hand is broken for example, they can choose to just shape shift their hand, to heal it, whilst remaining in human form.

Then there’s the abilities that come with being an Alpha, they have more than us other pack wolves. Well they have better, faster, stronger, more endurance, more control and some would argue, a slightly higher intelligence than the rest of us pack wolves.

It’s what makes them leadership material. I mean a pack needs structure or it just won’t work. Werewolves need packs to work. Because even in this day and age, packs mean better chance of survival, in the modern world.

Welcome to Werewolf World


  1. How else can you become a werewolf? can you do it with a spell or chant? because me and a really close friend really want to be one. we have been trying to find a way to become one for about 2 years. please help us!

    Comment by Anna — April 28, 2010 @ 5:27 pm

    • I think you’ve seen one to many hollywood movies – no spells, chants or curses are involved. Being a werewolf is a lifetime commitment. You’re either born a werewolf or your not. If you get bit by a werewolf you could become a lycan, but that’s slightly different – read my post on lycans!

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — April 28, 2010 @ 7:11 pm

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