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Big Bad Werewolf | February 1, 2010

All it takes is one bad wolf to give all of us werewolves a bad name.

Wolfie Blackheart, is a self proclaimed she-wolf, the newspapers would have you believe. First of all, if she’s calling herself a “Canine.” as reported in some stories, then she’s a dog. Not a wolf.

Dog = Canine

Wolf = lupine

Don’t insult the rest of us, werewolves, with such commonality.
We’re more above those that judge us in the evaluation scale than you think.

Secondly, a werewolf, wouldn’t have to use a knife to decapitate anything. Even if you’re not an Alpha werewolf, you will find, you are still incredibly strong and powerful. Hell, even Lycans have more “advantages” than Nons!

Being an Alpha werewolf means one of two things. Either it’s your position in the pack; ie. You’re the leader, you run the whole show or b: you’ve got more abilities than the rest of the pack. Strength, speed, endurance, shape shifting and the like. But this doesn’t mean the rest of us solider wolves, are without.

Far from it.

Beta wolves or solider wolves, are useful and with purpose. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in the pack if we weren’t. It’s how the whole concept of pack works really. You relay on all of us to be of use.

Now even if Wolfie Blackheart is a beta wolf, or Lycan, or more likely, a Non, playing werewolf. She’s putting us all in a bad light. But then what did you expect the big bad wolf to look like?
Bet it wasn’t a teenager.

The controversy is, that she’s a teenager who practices taxidermy and a photo of her with a severed dogs head was leaked onto the internet. Now there’s an investigation into whether she killed the dog to practice taxidermy or whether the dog was already dead to begin with.

But the newspapers are going for their own negative, fear inducing headlines.

Like Teenage shewolf cuts off dog’s head
Or Werewolf teenager admits to beheading dog

Because god forbid you should ever believe what a teenager, let alone a werewolf has to say might be the truth!

This modern day society has a long way to go towards werewolf acceptance and even acceptance of those who’s interests are not about drinking under age, getting knocked up, or playing barbie dolls. Being alternative or having an interest, weather it’s passing or not, does not make you as weird as such a conformist society as ours, would have the world at large, believe.

Anyway, it’s matter for the packs down in Texas to deal with now, if she is one of theirs that is.


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  1. Oy vey. It really does suck that the actions of one individual define an entire community that way. Interesting post!

    Comment by Jennifer Hudock — February 1, 2010 @ 6:31 pm

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