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Dogma of the pack | February 9, 2010

Dogma is either one of two things.

A Kevin Smith film.

Or a system of belief that is held with authority that is not to be disputed.

Actually it’s both of these things (and I really liked the film).

So as Mr Smith might say – Prepare Thyself, for the Dogma of the pack.
That is, what makes a werewolf pack, a “pack”.

It’s a simple structure of unity (all werewolves for one and one for all kind of thing) based on one common goal (survival) governed by the guidelines that rule the pack (law or what some might call lore, depending on your point of view). The mentality is the same as any religious upbringing that a person has been raised to believe in and influenced by. Do as I say not as I do. Well, maybe that part’s a little different. After all, werewolves are very different to humans. Although, once you read through this, we werewolves might seem more similar to you, humans than you think.

There is a distinct hierarchy in the system of the pack.

1.The leader, The Alpha.
This is the highest position in the pack that one can occupy. It’s the most revered and respected position. The Alpha is the one who commands all. Ensures that he knows what is going on in the pack and does what is necessary for the pack’s survival.

2. Second in commands or lieutenants as we more commonly refer to them.
Which usually there are only a few of, maybe two or three. They are the closest confidantes to the Alpha and the most trusted. They will strategize with the Alpha on best options for the pack and ensure that the Alpha’s will, decree, judgments are adhered to in the pack.

3.The Warriors. Werewolves that are the best fighters, the deadliest hombre’s and the most successful at front line pack warfare. Scarily enough, I think this is where my sister and her friends come into play in pack structure, although, no one’s officially ever said so. Still, they do fight a lot and get into a lot of trouble all the time.

4.The Sheppard’s There are a handful of werewolves in the pack structure with this title. They’re job is to again, carry out the Alpha’s work, but unlike The Warriors, they’re way is not based on physical fighting. They’re more diplomatic when we require a more human, understanding face. They look after things and people and pack. I guess you could say, they’re our humanity.

5. Soldiers This is the rest of the pack, that has not been assigned to any of the above for callings. We’re all considered soldiers in some sense, since we are all required to do the right thing, live by the rules that govern us, believe in our leader’s way. And fight when necessary with heart and soul, for everything you believe in and want out of the werewolf way of life.

In some form or another, this is the basic structure that most werewolf packs base themselves on. Pack wolves are raised to believe in this, because its what’s kept our packs going for so long, through the ages and generations, so far.

At least, the smart packs do. For the simple reason this structure works. It give people purpose and position, it gives them a way to see that pack structure is a cohesive work in progress, that gives werewolves, their sense of community, freedom and life.

It might sound like living in a one pack structured community isn’t all that free like, but the reality is, it is. We live normal lives, as can be considering we have to fur up, once a month, like the rest of humanity, only we tend to live in close quarters proximity to one another. By doing so we get a sense of safety, security and understanding.

Basically you feel like less of a freak if there are other freaks around you.


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