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A continuing breed | February 15, 2010

New York is a fascinating place, if you get to spend the time, roaming and getting to know it.

It’s full of interesting people and of course, werewolves and no doubt other creatures too. But one thing the big apple is not short on, is beautiful, plastic people. Whether you’re in Brooklyn or Manhattan, of which I frequently commute between, they’re everywhere. A bit like a sub-culture of humans. Competing with the likes of the werewolves, shape shifters and other worldlies amongst the everyday New Yawker it would seem for popularity and attention.

New York Post writer Annie Karni’s latest article, on yet another Manhattan party-girl socialite gone bad– they’re somewhat of a continuing breed out here, is on Kashmir Snowdon-Jones, yes, her name really is Kashmir, like the soft woollen jumper stuff but with a K. Or maybe it’s a reference to was the place she was conceived in, Kashmir, India, if that. Or You know, so she can be special and different and unique and all that she can be. Annie describes Kashmir as “having the face of an angel”.

Why would she say this five words into her piece of Kashmir’s fall from gilded glass grace?

Because she’s

(a) blonde
(b) a socialite
(c) a rich socialite
(d) a ‘sometimes’ model – even the rich can’t stick at a proper job for all that long. Too boring darlinks, too passé, working for a living!

I’m sure she wrote the description just to tie in with the oh so cheesy heading of She’s a stealing beauty, DA says”. To tie in with the simple story of a simple brat. Kashmir with a K, has stolen her former friend, as described in the article “frenemy”’s credit card and gone on to max it out, buying crap. And by crap, I mean, CRAP. You’d think the rich could think of good crap to buy.

No, Kashmir bought domino’s pizza’s and a pair of leggings worth $800. What pair of leggings is ever worth $800? Do they automatically make your legs look Heidi Klum’s? Cause damn girl, what’s the point to buying them if they don’t? Oh right, other than to just rack up charges on you’re frenemy’s credit card to annoy her.

Anyway, the article goes on, to describe our stealing beauty as a 5 foot 9, blue eyed stunner. Uh yeah. There is a picture provided with this article and whilst Kashmir isn’t dog ugly. I wouldn’t say she was a stunner. She’s a blonde, a pretty blonde, which in case you haven’t noticed, fairly common in the good old U.S of A. Russia has better blue eyed, blonde haired stunners than Manhattan’s Kashmir. She’s fairly average looking if you ask me.

Add to this crap, the very light on article that just regurgitates easily found facts on Kashmir or her family’s supposedly rich and famous lineage and I just keep asking why this even makes news? A rich party girl acting out. Please, whoppee-do.

In an email response back to the New York Post Kashmir apparently replied “LOL, there’s nothing to write about there is no story.”

She got that right.


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