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I’m in a wolf pack with… | February 18, 2010

Oh where to begin?

You know how it feels when everything is good and then it just gets better? Well that’s where I’m beginning.

I like being a werewolf, I love my pack, the Breukelen of Brooklyn, New York. I’m in love with my Alpha from the Manhattan Maen pack.

So it’s all good.

But even I a werewolf, or any half blood, half breed, person of more than one culture, will find, there lives are always forever entwined in a balancing act of expectation and social norms.

Who to please, how to please. What you’re allowed to say and not. Do you hide the werewolf side of you, the wolf culture you’ve grown up in and can help others understand (I think you’ll gather by my blog I’ve chosen my answer as – NO) or do you try to make a difference, create understanding and tolerance towards that difference. At least, what the other side of you, the non werewolf side sees as difference? (uh, hello see above comment about this blog)

So it brightens my smile, makes my day and warms my heart all in one, when I find out that on Facebook, there is a petition to make “I’m in a wolf pack with….” an official facebook relationship status update.

It’s about time werewolves were given this right to freely acknowledge one another without rebuke. It’s time the humans got to understand what it means to us, to be able to say this statement, publicly. It also means, I guess, also, there are those humans who want in too, on werewolf life, on pack. So maybe it’s a nice little thing for them to have also Even though there is a twilight disclaimer on there.

Yes the wolfpack that socially networks together, stays together. Well, I don’t know if that’s actually true, but it sounds cool. Sounds like it could be.

If you don’t get the concept of a wolf pack, it’s really quite simple. In a sense, it is a relationship, much like a family or friendship. It’s about being with something more than yourself. Something bigger and with ultimately a greater meaning. It gives your life for lack of a better word, purpose.

My wolf pack status is kind of confusing.

The pack I grew up in is the Breukelen, they are my family, my neighbours, my friends and life. They are what I know, they are my familiarity, my safety guard and my understanding of what it means to be pack. They are my influence and history.

But now it’s all getting a little curved, cause I’m dating an Alpha. Well not just an Alpha, but the Alpha from the Manhattan Maen pack, Paris. So my home pack is the Breukelen- Altijd– but I kind of get, I guess, special privileges, protection if you want to call it that, from the Manhattan pack too, because I’m his packmate.

But I don’t get a say in Manhattan pack business, even if it affects me. Because I’m not that pack. But if something of Breukelen business happens in Manhattan Maen pack territory, then I get speak up. I get to take action if required as a representative of my pack, the Breukelen.

So yeah, I’m in a wolf pack with the Breukelen and the Manhattan Maen, but I never said my status wasn’t complicated.


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