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Who created werewolves? | February 19, 2010

This post is dedicated to Jackob’sCarnival for providing me with such easily, laugh out loud, inspiring stuff to blog about.

If you’re going to write a rant that’s going to be publicly displayed for all to see your righteous anger, you’d want to think you knew your shit first.

But I guess, typing the word WEREWOLF MOVIE into an internet search engine would be a little too taxing. Let’s just stick to giving it to a movie reviewer, from a movie website, who might possibly know more than a thing or two about movies, since it’s his job to review them and write up about them, then someone who goes to see a movie as a one off.

Kayla Patterson clearly wasn’t impressed with the New Wolfman movie when she wrote this to a movie reviewer from Latino Review.

Hey Universal, you just got PWNED. That’s what you get for making a werewolf movie that clearly rips off Twilight. Everyone knows that Stephenie Meyer created werewolves, and now you hacks have been exposed! Good luck defending yourselves in court!!
The full letter can be found here.

Hey Kayla, Universal first made the Original Wolfman movie in 1941. They own the movie. They re-made the movie. So I doubt they’re taking their own company to court for a spanking.

Clearly not everybody knows that Stephanie Meyer DIDN’T create werewolves. She certainly didn’t create me. But if you’re talking in a fictional sense like movies and books – take a look at this, this is just a handful of these, werewolf movies…

First Universal Wolfman movie made in 1941.
1942 – The Undying Monster (another universal film)
1943 – Frankenstein meets The Wolfman (universal)
1944 – Cry of the Werewolf
1946 – She Wolf of London (universal)
1947 – La Belle et la bête (French werewolf movie) Aka Beauty and the beast
1948 – Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein (wolfman is in it)
1956- The Werewolf
1957 – I was a teenage werewolf
1960 – La Casa Del Terror
1961 – The curse of the werewolf
1962 – I married a werewolf
1970 -Monstruos del terror, Los
1971 – werewolves on wheels
1972 – Moon of the wolf

Stephenie Meyer born in 1973.

Also before the novels of Twilight were born and published and unleashed onto the tween world movement, there was these classic werewolf movies:

1978 – The Wolfen, Whitley Strieber (Novel)
1981 – The Howling
1981 – An American Werewolf in London
1985 – Teen Wolf
1983 – Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King (Novel)
1984 – The company of wolves
1985 – Silver Bullet
1998 – The Wolf Chronicles by Dorothy Hearst (Novel)
1999 – Bitten by Kelly Armstrong (Novel)
2000- Ginger Snaps
2002 – Dog Solders
2003 – Underworld
2004 – GingerSnaps2: Unleashed

2005 – First Twilight Novel Released.

Stephanie Meyer isn’t the first person to even come up with the concept of romance between werewolves and humans. It’s in plenty of paranormal romance novels, it was even portrayed in Teen wolf and in the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer with werewolf Oz and his girlfriend Willow, all well before the Twilight timeline kicked in.

Werewolves and all their mysteries have been around in actual real life, cultural folklore for decades. I don’t think I’m the only person who sees this kind of reaction and influence on tweenagers and weeps for the future, once I get past the laughing so hard it hurts part.

I love my werewolves (arooo) and my pack, the Breukelen. But even I’m not ignorant enough to assume we’re the only ones or types existing in New York or anywhere for that matter. If Meyer’s novels are all you expect from werewolves, than you’re expectations are not only disappointing (to this wolf), they are extremely low.

The world is a big place made up of lots of differences, but I guess if you never open your eyes or expand your mind to it, you’re probably never going to see it.


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