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Werewolf behaviour 101 | February 27, 2010

Here’s a bit of an education for you.

When it comes to werewolves, we scent a lot of things, a lot of the time.

It’s one of our strongest senses, regardless of whether you’re an Alpha or Beta wolf. We all use it this sense, a lot. When it comes to making your intentions clear to your pack mate, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc, we do this by scenting them.

You move in to their neck, as if going to kiss it, and you run the tip of your nose just over it, not quite touching it, right up to the back of their ear.

This is known more commonly as werewolf behaviour 101.

You take in their scent, and it gets committed to memory, it fuels the desire that’s already building inside you.

It pleases the wolf inside you, as it gives it a sense of pack and pleasure. It lets you keep your urges a little bit more, under control.

It also shows your intent, or level of interest if you want to call it that, to your intended.

And once you have a scent locked into your memory, if you smell it again, later on someone, you can automatically make the connection of where you know it from. It’s like taking out a library book and putting it back later. It’s all their, an inbuilt knowledge system.

It’s why we can track so good.

With each werewolf there is a different scent. We all have a base pack scent, that if you obviously know the pack, you can recognise instantly.

All werewolves have a scent of ‘wolf’. The common denominator that gives away the ‘wolf’part smells like warm fur. Then you start to pick up on the other things mingled with it. Then you add into the mix, our base human scent that is entwined with the wolf scent and you get, all of the package.

I run my nose over the air just above Paris’s neck as he sleeps. Ignoring the fresh smell of cotton from the pillow’s under his head, and the shampoo of his hair, I can smell amber and almonds on his skin. I run my nose up to his ear, and graze my teeth over his ear lobe ever so lightly.

Soft moan leaves his lips and a smile tweaks along them, as his hands blindly grab at me, dragging me right up against his body. His eyes are still closed, by this grip on me is strong and as I peak under the sheet covering us, I can see he’s more than awake.

“Don’t let me stop you.” He murmurs softly at me, his hands cupping my breasts, as they lean heavily into his palms.

During lunar week, our pheromones are strong. Very strong. Sometimes it seems like we’re being turned into human lollipops.

You just want to lick skin, touch skin, kiss and caress and eat these scents. They get so ingrained into your blood. It’s like having a craving, throughout your entire body.A craving that’s not going to be satisfied until find the right mix of scent on the werewolf you seek.

My lips glide over his jaw and I run my tongue under it, and down his throat. Pausing to suck his adams apple into my mouth, brandishing my teeth around it, just enough to provide a little, pressure.

He moans louder this time and I release him as I continue my journey down his body. Tracing his collar bones with my tongue.

His hands go to my hair, entwining themselves in it.

Still my mouth moves on, over him, leaving a moist hot trail over his skin. It’s like he’s just this very delicious piece of candy that I am going to take my time savouring.

Paris has told me I smell like a combination of vanilla and marshmallows. Tells me again and again, as my mouth moves on him, it’s his favourite smell in the whole wide world.



  1. i know we do are you a true werewolf miss? or another impostor?

    Comment by rosealin — January 4, 2014 @ 5:04 pm

    • Such an unoriginal question. It’s been asked before. Clearly you haven’t read through my entire blog which has been up for a few years now. Which are you? Do you even know?

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — January 5, 2014 @ 1:11 am

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